Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is not intended as a wedding or food blog but I couldn't help share this to you...

I attended a friend's wedding this January 2011 and want to share some interesting things about the event held at the Lantaka Hotel by the Sea here in Zamboanga City! The wedding is an intercultural wedding with an American, Damian and a Filipina, Elisa...

I wasn't  the photographer but I couldn't help grab my camera when the Jambangan dancers danced for the couple, Elisa and Damian with the Zamboanga sunset as the backdrop. 
The program was so timely, right after the pre-dinner cocktails.

isn't the Zamboanga sunset so captivating at the backdrop!

note the Lantaka at the Lantaka Hotel
Then followed a surprise fireworks display which certainly fascinated the couple and guests. 
No, there wasn't any terroristic activity from the boat offshore!
the surprised bride!

Thanks and Joy for the lovely surprise!!!

Then, we were in awe when we saw the seven-tier cake as we entered the Roofdeck of Lantaka Hotel for the reception proper, and the grand cake really matched the ambience of the place.

The cake was a work of love from Elisa's aunt, Nora of the then "Cakes and Confection by Nora"
However, since she's been in the US for about 4 years now, we've missed her cakes a lot.

She actually made more than a hundred fifty (150) small fruit cakes with fondant icing and beautiful edible rose, ribbon and fans as toppings on each one. 
You can really see the detail of the design...but, it is no wonder, since Nora is a certified Wilton instructor in the US! 
Each family were given the cakes as a giveaway...everyone was so happy!!!
cake top!
I love this fan!

... and this flower

gift like with a ribbon on top

color of the room changes.... from red...

... to purple...
... to yellow!
see the design on the fondant icing!
with Nora, the baker and decorator ... you can see how each cake was made with love

Here are other pictures of the wedding and some traditions here in the Philippines...
pinning of the money

getting of the garter, of course!

"I got it!"

Nora and Arnold!

see how the Roofdeck is transformed...Lantaka is known for its great interior design!
enjoying the messages and toast!

toast from Uncle Jon and Aunt Elsie

Mom's message...
dance with the Father!

but never forget the KISS!
Weddings are always beautiful... love of the couple... love of family and friends... reunions... beauty... celebrations... happiness !!!


  1. I am always amazed by your beautiful pictures and the wonderful moments captured by you and your camera... Wayback years ago, you started taking pictures with rolls and rolls and rolls of films, and now just became your passion and truly you've been a great photographer (service for free) of which nobody can beat that!!! -- NJS (FB)

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