Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I remember the long queue when we were looking for a restaurant in HongKong with this link:  http://inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com/2012/01/taste-of-hongkong-din-tai-fung.html  and the line was too long so we gave up. It seems a culture in HongKong to really wait even for more than an hour just to eat in the restaurant of their choice.

Last night, some friends invited me and the places Vikings and Buffet 101 were mentioned. My friends actually preferred Buffet 101 for the more varied choices and more fruits, they said. 

I have been to Buffet 101 several times. But, I read it in the blog somewhere that folks were raving about the Vikings restaurant so I guess I was curious and decided on Vikings.

So here we are in Vikings:

Lo, and behold! The "super-est" queue ever especially in the Philippines!

Well, we found out they were serving No. 5 in a line of 45! Wow! I guess it was practical to find another place. I just had to peek in the place, though!
of course, the VIKING longship!

So, I have to waive the chance to experience Viking's. So, here is our pose for posterity.
We moved to Buffet 101 but I was really wondering why there is no queue at all! I know the place is good! Here is a link to my previous visit to Buffet 101: 
So if you want to read more about Buffet 101 and see more pictures, please click the above site!

Here is the price comparison:

My experiences with Buffet 101 have all been very good so this place was fine with me. 
They said the ambience was so five-star except for the sounds around with everyone just enjoying the company of their family and friends.
I enjoyed our Buffet 101 dinner and in fact, there were too many excellent choices for our own good!

And, for me, the people we are with, is always more important and the place and the food are the "toppings on the cake" to make the experience better.


  1. ay, walang pictures of food of buffet 101...i anticipate pa naman how it looks

    1. Reese, I didn't anymore post it because I already made a post about Buffet 101 last year with this link: http://inpinaystummy.blogspot.com/2012/02/taste-of-manila-buffet-101.html

  2. Whao..such a long queue and have to wait so long just to enter the restaurant is a sure turn off for me. This is especially if we bring kids out to eat also. Buffet 101 prices sound good and it looks an equally good place to eat.

  3. The place looks great and I guess the food is great too since pabalik balik kana sa place, I hope I can try their food in the future...:)

  4. I love vikings!
    un lang, forever ang queue nila. but once nakakain ka na, you'll realize that it's worth the wait. :)

  5. I haven't tried Buffet 101 yet! But, I have tried Vikings, baligtad tayo. With Vikings you have to reserve talaga. -ceemee

  6. Wow I just read about Vikings from another blog. Ang haba pala ng pila dun. I haven't tried it and really want to. Also Buffet 101. Meron na sa Robinsons Magnolia so maybe I can get to try it soon. Kaso lang I should stay away from buffets eh, di nakakatulog sa diet. haha :)

  7. Sa Vikings kasi pag Walk-In ka lang talagang maghihintay ka kailangan talaga ng reservation sa Vikings. Hmm I much prefer VIkings than Buffet 101. The Chefs are from other countries

  8. To each his own talaga, ako naman I prefer Buffet 101. Vikings has a wider range of food to choose from but me and my family don't find the quality that good.

  9. I really like the food here, it's delicious and cheap.

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