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Let us enjoy watching our RUBY RUMBLE YOU TUBE Video during our Island hopping at OLANGO Island, Mactan, Cebu! 

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Clubfoot is a common congenital birth defect with an average prevalence of 1 per 800  to 1000 live births. (1) 

According to Miracle Feet data, about 3,523 children with Clubfoot are born in the Philippines.(2)

Neglected clubfoot results in disability and as a child grows up, he is subjected to bullying  and being made fun of, thus, leading to low self esteem on the Clubfoot children. Others are deprived of the opportunities, whether the choice of educational field and also in the work place because of preformed ideas on the disability. Families are affected as well emotionally and financially.

Physically, the Clubfoot child has difficulty in walking and in wearing shoes

The important aspect of this birth defect is that Clubfoot is TREATABLE!!!

"Parents of infants born with clubfeet may be reassured that their baby, if otherwise normal, when treated by expert hands will have normal looking feet with normal function for all practical purposes. The well treated clubfoot is no handicap and is fully compatible with normal, active life." Ignacio Ponseti, M.D.(3)

Let us now look forward to a world where a Clubfoot child can walk and run free from disability, as envisioned by the consortium called the Global Clubfoot Initiative (GCI) with the battlecry  #runfree2030,

The best present we can give to the clubfoot kids is the OPPORTUNITY FOR A NORMAL AND ACTIVE LIFE just as Dr. Ignacio Ponseti found out as he developed the Ponseti Method resulting in a well treated clubfoot with no handicap.  (3)
Here is Nurbin who at 2 years old was already running around with his Clubfoot but after several months of treatment now has better positioned feet. He is now on BRACING to prevent relapse.
Did you ever imagine the normal foot as the outcome?
Some call it magic... others say it is a miracle!
And this "MIRACLE" with angels on earth is what we want to share with the Clubfoot kids we have in the Philippines!

This miracle came upon the Philippine Clubfoot situation through Miracle Feet (2), a US based NGO founded by parents of children born with clubfoot in the US and whose mission is to increase access for proper treatment in low-income and middle -income countires through partnership with local health providers.

Miracle Feet had been in the Philippines since 2014 but became more active outside NCR and major cities, early this 2018, with the new Program Manager for Miracle Feet Asia, Ms. Cristina Mosende.
Miracle Feet and PNGOC for the Philippine National Clubfoot Program
The new local provider for the Philippines in the last quarter of 2018 is the Philippine NGO Council for Population Health and Welfare (PNGOC) who has fast-tracked the partnership with more regional health providers, now reaching 19 Ponseti clinics all throughout the Philippines as of June 2019 and with more to come. This is attributable to the Executive Director of PNGOC, Ms. Eden Divinagracia and team.
PNGOC Executive Director Dr. Eden Divinagracia and Dr. Rey Salinel during the renewal of the MOU with ZCMC Clubfoot Clinic last January 5, 2019.
Free Clubfoot treatment supplies and Miracle Feet Braces are now made available to all these clinics, thus FREE treatment is now accessible in many centers in the Philippines.

Here are the Ponseti Clinics in the Philippines partnering with Miracle Feet and the Philippine NGO Council (PNGOC).

Here is a Before and After photo at the ZCMC Clubfoot Clinic of  four of the Clubfoot kids, ages 12 days to 15 years old, with ongoing treatment using the Ponseti Method 
The changes are REAL!!!
We now have several Clubfoot kids and young adults ages 4 to 22 years with the so-called neglected Clubfoot with ongoing Ponseti treatment and they are responding well, although, they still have to complete their treatment for the final success rate to be determined. 

The Ponseti Method utilizes weekly gentle manipulation with casting for an average of 6 to 8 weeks followed with possible Tenotomy then Foot Abduction Bracing for 23 hours per day for the first three months and followed by bracing during naps and sleep time up to 5 years old, or an average of an additional 10 to 30 months to prevent relapse. (4) 
Clubfoot kids on Cast 
Clubfoot kids on Foot Abduction Braces from Miracle Feet
We now realize that "THERE IS HOPE FOR CLUBFOOT" whatever the age and we just have to refer the children to the Clubfoot Treatment providers to find out the options and the chances for improvement.
ZCMC Clubfoot Clinic Team: Head, Dr. George Rojo; Treatment providers: Dr. Carl Delatado, Dr. Joshua Comaingking, Dr. JayR Alviar, Dr. John Antolin Go; Site Coordinator, Ms. Natalys Sousa; Volunteers, Ms. Bea Flauta and Dr. Filipinas Rojo 
We, in the Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC) Clubfoot Clinic together with, and as part of the Philippine National Clubfoot Program passionately want to SPREAD THE ADVOCACY that:


The ZCMC Clubfoot Clinic and the Clubfoot in Zamboanga PH Program would like to invite you to share with us in this advocacy through:
**building awareness
**improving clubfoot identification and referral processes
**providing free treatment services as well as
**training for providers in strategic places in the Zamboanga Peninsula and neighboring islands to make treatment more accessible. 

Find out how can you help in whatever little way!

Thank you to Miracle Feet and PNGOC!
Thank you, families and friends of the Clubfoot kids for the love, commitment and support for the children to complete treatment!

Let us always remember...
Clubfoot is treatable!
Clubfoot Treatment is FREE at the 
ZCMC Clubfoot Clinic 
every Saturday, 8-11 am 
at ZCMC Ward 2.

1 Adnan Ansar, et al. Systematic review and meta-analysis of global birth prevalence of clubfoot: a study protocol, BMJ Open, 2018: 8(3); e019246
2 Miracle Feet website
4 Christof Radler, The Ponseti method for the treatment of congenital club foot: review of the current literature and treatment recommendations

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Photo credit: RON SABAY
Jette Calderon, just about 20 years old, again gave reason for Cebu to be proud as he and his team represents Team Cebu for the VIOS CUP 2016!
(L-R) Sean Velasco, Oscar Suarez, Trunxx Adarna, Jette Calderon, Lord Seno, Robert Pangilinan and John Man  [Photo Credit: John N Christine Velasco FB]

By the way, the Toyota Vios Cup is a star-studded affair with celebrity racers adding glitz to the race!!!

Season 3 Race 3 last September 9-10, 2016 at the Clark International Speedway proved to be very special for Team Cebu with Jette Calderon bagging the Championship for the Super Sporting Class.
'NEVER FEAR ... DAD IS HERE! as captioned with this FB photo
[Photo Credit: Jon Gonzales]

Needless to say, all of us are so touched with this photo that spells everything... for his hardwork... determination... innate skill... and great support from parents, Jun Calderon and Janette Climaco Calderon!
Congratulations to Emmanuel Jette Calderon and most especially to Dad, Jun Calderon for being No. 1!
Photo Credit: Ron Sabay

So this is Jette's Toyota Vios No. 42 displaying its winning form!

And Jette Calderon on the stand as the No. 1 in the SUPER SPORTING class for the 2016 TOYOTA VIOS CUP Season 3.

Jette started with the Vios Cup just less than 2 years ago where he attended the Toyota Racing School Level 1 and 2 last April 2015, then, followed by the 2015 Vios Cup Second Season which was the Cebu Leg last May 2015, together with Toyota Team Cebu.

Toyota Team Cebu, though, just a new team is now one of the formidable teams to beat, with all of the drivers also showing champion status in the several seasons such as Sean Velasco (2016 Race 2 First Runner-up) and Oscar Suarez (2016 Race 2 Champion Promotional Category), and now Jette Calderon! 

Joseph Rojo, Robert Pangilinan, Jette Calderon, Lord Seno, Sean Velasco and Oscar Suarez
Thanks to Toyota Team Cebu for the opportunity!

Of course, you immediately had a fanbase in Cebu, where all your friends are!
with fellow karter and Vios Cup driver, Joseph Rojo and good friends, Joko Rojo and Luke Remedio
Jette's Fans Club... who else but your best friends!!!

And a visit from two of his best karting friends from way, way back... Kalyka Carcel and Tonyo Carcel! I bet, they are also itching to drive this race!
 Of course, Jette did not become great suddenly!

But, he started early and developed rapidly to become great as a kid racer... when he was still in PAREF Springdale and later where Jette was part of the Sacred Heart School - Ateneo de Cebu Karting Varsity!

I learned that Jette started karting at 4 years old and started competing at age 7 years old! He indeed started out so young!!!
  2007 at Rosario, Batangas

2008 with Mateo Giudecelli (at Jette's back)

with Kali of the very few female karters...or is she the only one?

Here are some of Jette Calderon's accolades: 
(I guess I cannot name all but this whole list is impressive enough!)


He was sent twice to Italy to join the World Cup 
2007 == got the 16th place as a first timer in Italy!

2011 ROK Finals in South Garda Karting in Lonato, Italy

Cebu Karter of the Year 2009

Champion, Macau International Kart Grand Prix 2009
  2010 PAGCOR Sports KF3 Champion

Cebu Karter of the Year 2010

National Clubman Karter of the Year 2010
8th Golden Wheel Award for Karting

Cebu Karter of the Year 2011

National Junior Karter of the Year 2011 at the CCP
9th Annual Golden Wheel Award 

 2011 AAP Motorsports Awards

Jette wins more Karting competitions!

I would also like to share that I am a proud aunt with Joseph Rojo and Vince Rojo also winning awards in the Karting competitions, and in fact, Vince Rojo won the championship just this September 2016, a week after Jette won the Vios Cup!

I just like to congratulate Joseph and Vince parents, Edwin and Maricar Rojo for being such supportive and wonderful parents to these champs.

Champion Jette Calderon with Joseph Rojo, Third Place

2013 and 2014

Champion Jette Calderon with Joseph Rojo, Second Place

Champion Jette Calderon with Sean Velasco, Second Place and Joseph Rojo, Third Place

Champion Jette Calderon with Vince Rojo, Second Place and Sean Velasco, Third Place

There were times Jette came in second along the way...

Jette Calderon with Juan Antonio Carcel and Joseph Rojo

Champion Juan Antonio Carcel , Second Place Jette Calderon
and Third Place, Sean Velasco
  But, what is most valuable are the friendships they develop and maintain...

I LOVE THIS: PILIPINAS KARTING...camaraderie not just competition!

As a champion driver, Jette also gained celebrity status...
with Jette now in the billboards!

And in the runway ... 2014 = this time for Aeropostale...
And rubbing elbows with fellow celebrity drivers during the Vios Cup...
with Jasmine Curtis in the 2015 Vios Cup Cebu Leg 

Then Jette moved up to cars and won in the 2014 Phoenix Regional Autocross Championship - Visayas Driver of the Year.

  And Jette was awarded again during the 12th Golden Wheel Award, now for Autocross!

How many Golden Wheel awards has Jette garnered?

Winning the Season 3 Vios Cup is not only just a trophy but a precious gift to his parents, especially his dad, Jun Calderon who incidentally, celebrated his birthday a few days after Jette's giant win!
Such a lovely family with team mates and very good friends !

I need not say more!

Jette Calderon had been a champion since he was a kid... and now that he is about 20 years old, continues to win more and more races!

Even as the champion that he is, Jette remains down to earth as a humble and respectful young gentleman!  

May Jette Calderon and this championship serve as an inspiration for kids and young men... to be passionate in their undertakings, together with inner discipline, dedicated practice, hardwork and love for the sport or craft!

Not everyone can be a CHAMPION, but everyone can DREAM TO BE ONE.... and just maybe, ALSO SUCCEED!! 

But this is not only an inspiration for children, but for parents and family as well... as an epitome of all out support and love as they hone a young child's raw talent to highly superior ability! Combining excellence and a good heart is an even more difficult feat!

Thank you, Jette and may you continue to be an ideal idol for the youth!!!

Jun and Janette, thank you so much, too! 

Thanks to Mom, Janette Calderon for the permission.
Photos from Jette Calderon's Facebook Page

Sorry for such a long post... but there are so many facets to talk about. Hope you still enjoy reading this!!!