Wednesday, March 13, 2013


After dinner at Mer-Ben's Bulalo, we "strolled" more than a kilometer to reach the Tagaytay Eye, which I called my "Strategic Goal". It was indeed a Goal (with a capital G) !
As we were walking the dark Tagaytay road, I was worrying that the place would be closed by the time we arrived since it was past 9 already.

We passed by the Taal Vista Hotel (I am still used to Taal Vista Lodge!)
And also the Casino Filipino in Tagaytay! Noted lots of shows there...
As we continued on, we saw this sign... so it must be close by.
Finally, when I saw the lights!!!
with Ivy!

And I guess I immediately regained all my energies... no more sweat nor pains!... this is what Photography does to me... especially, if I have a blogpost in mind!

By the way, I am sharing some data from fellow bloggers about this very new place, the Sky Ranch by SM Land which just had a soft opening of the Sky Eye (better known as Tagaytay Eye!) last March 2, 2013 and the rest of the place would be opened by May 2013!


Sky Ranch is a mixed-use development by SM Land under its Commercial Properties Group. It will rise within a prime 5-hectare property beside the Taal Vista Hotel along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay. 
Sky Ranch is a leisure park that is envisioned to be one of the definitive Tagaytay experiences for local and foreign tourists alike. It is a complete day destination for families and groups of friends. It will offer activities such as horseback riding and a mini-amusement park for kids. A varied selection of restaurants will provide dining with prime views of the famed Taal volcano.

About the Tagaytay Eye!

The Tagaytay Eye, officially known as "Sky Eye", is the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the country at 63 meters (207 ft) with 32 gondolas, beating the MOA Eye at 55 meters (180 ft) with 36 gondolas, and the Enchanted Kingdom's Wheel of Fate at 130ft.  We are still far away from beating the tallest ferris wheels in the world: Singapore Flyer at 165 meters (541 ft), Star of Nanchang in China at 160 meters (525 ft.), and the London Eye at 120 meters (394 ft.)  But considering Tagaytay City has an elevation of 2,000 ft. above sea level, you'll be enjoying the highest point of the Sky Eye at 2,207 ft. :)

Here are some tips to have an awesome time at Sky Fun Park in Sky Ranch, Tagaytay:(Note: Sky Ranch is the complex, Sky Fun is the name of the amusement park within Sky Ranch, and Sky Eye is the name of the Ferris Wheel in Tagaytay.)

So here I am flooding you with photos and Gifs of the Sky Eye AT NIGHT!
do you notice the construction!!!

Now that the Eye is so close to us, it doesn't look as massive!
It looks like the one in the SM Mall of Asia but taller.
But, I am so easy to please, so I really still got excited when I saw the Sky Eye!

We didn't ride the Sky Eye, though...
The Sky Eye cost P150.00 /person for a ten-minute rotation.
It was almost 10 p.m. so we didn't have the luxury of time.

These days, there are already some kid rides like the Carousel, the crazy galleon (which they call the Mini Viking Ship and the Super Viking) and mini roller coasters at the Sky Fun around the Eye.

Though, it is already opened, lots of construction is ongoing in the adjacent lot. 
By May 2013, it will be officially opened and will be a place worth going to!


  1. this will definitely go on my bucket list! :3

  2. Hi Doc! Looks like you had a fun time with Doc Maya, Maam Nice & Ma'am Tet! :">

  3. This will definitely be the place to visit soon. Oh, and since SM has the means, sana they made it really big and spectacular like that of Singapore..

    1. My nephews are talking about this place now and we might soon visit :) Good thing, it's not too far.

  4. this will be in my list for my tagaytay trip next week
    thanks for sharing

  5. We are looking forward to a Tagaytay trip before the summer ends. Since you shared this, this will will be in my list.

    Mommy Maye2

  6. I read an article of this and I said we must visit here. But when I saw this post, I said, it's better to go here at night.

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