Sunday, December 18, 2011


I always liked Samsonite luggages and bags and I have always been satisfied with them.

But early this year, when I decided to buy a new luggage bag, I got a Samsonite lightweight hardcase luggage which indeed was very classy and light.
I decided to get the really big bag for 30 kgs allowance because my next trip will last for 10 days (Zam-Mla-Penang-Singapore-Mla-Zam).
I chose it because I thought it had the Rimowa look - silver and with vertical grooves.
(Pardon Samsonite, I got attracted to the Rimowa luggage when I read about it in 2009!)
The Cosmolite was the best of the Samsonite set and the most attractive, but what was available was only up to 20 kgs. size, which I thought was too small at that time. (but later, decided to buy one of that size, too!)

Well, I did buy another type of Samsonite polycarbonate luggage and I am all praises for the comfort I had while traveling abroad.
But, what I am worried about is the scratches it really got!
Yes, I was aware that there would be scratches and they say it is okay because it would just add CHARACTER!

After a 10-day trip, these are the scratches it got!

Sometimes, I am not too comfortable that it would have too much character because scratches a make me feel sad!

Also, I chose the one without the zipper because it is supposed to be safer and water couldn't get in the bag!
I think, I still prefer the one with zipper... it is more difficult to use the one without zipper! And I think, more difficult to close. Supposedly, it is more durable but I don't feel that.
As for the lock, it need a key and again, I am afraid the key would be lost (it is a special kind) and I can't open the luggage anymore!
The TSA lock is more ideal.

Anyway, for the lightweight and comfort during travel, the Samsonite gets perfect points. Rimowa is also known for superlight luggages.

For the other features, like a separate key and not the zipper type, I personally like it less but this is supposed to be a choice that I made myself!

Choosing a luggage, PERSONAL PREFERENCE is the primary criteria.
1) PriceOne has to know how much you are willing to spend.
2) Make. It is your choice to choose a branded or generic one. There are also durable less expensive bags.
    My Voyager luggage bag went through the subways of London and survived! This is really durable!
3) Effect of handling. Look at bags in the conveyor belts of airports and see if the expensive ones still look good after all the rough handling.
    Note: the Rimowa bag I had was advised for special handling because it had a "hard case!" So I guess they were more careful with it!
4) Size. Check what size of luggage bag you need!
    I chose the 30 kgs. luggage bag because of a 10 day trip, or maybe for a trip to the US.
     I remembered, in the US, wherein the US domestic flights count the number of bags rather than weight of the baggage!

  .I chose the 20 kgs. luggage bag because it was a shorter trip and I went to HongKong and had to travel through the MTR train station and so I had to be more flexible and the bag has to go through the counters!
5) Type. The type of bag is your personal preference.
     a) Canvas or hard case?
          Canvas is not prone to scratches.
          Hardcase is supposed to be more durable, but have to check if it is the flexible kind of hard case! Internet helps a lot to find out about this.
         My Samsonite had black scratches. Rimowa of the same kind is said to have scratches of the same color but, I haven't seen the scratches on the Rimowa.

         For my black Rimowa, there were no visible scratches after the trip!

     b) Zipper or non-zipper?
          I prefer zipper type, but, non-zipper type is supposed to be safer since couldn't be opened.
     c) With key or no key? 
         I prefer without the key but just the lock combination! I might lose the key!
         But, always choose one with the TSA lock. One of my bags from the US had a paper notice saying that it was opened and checked.
        If the lock is not TSA type, they open the padlock forcibly. 

So far, I like the Rimowa Bolero best... with the hard case, zipper, TSA lock and outside pocket and didn't have any scratches after the trip!

You can choose whatever luggage you like. There is no perfect luggage. The very durable and beautiful ones have a PRICE to pay!   


  1. Scratches of security? Zipper bags can be forcibly opened by just using a pen inserted between those zipper teeth. I saw this in one youtube videos circulated in FB. You would never know but unscrupulous airport personnel may insert some drugs or other contraband that may put you at risk.

    Between aesthetics and security, I would choose the latter. But then to each his own...cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot, Pinoy Explorer! Nice of you to visit and comment!
    That's true, I saw it in the you tube videos, too. That's why I bought the one without zipper...
    What I was worried about is if I cannot open the bag while I am abroad if in case I lost the key... (LOL)! It is really hard to open the non-zip bag!
    So the next time I bought, I got the one with zipper!

    I am still optimistic that they wouldn't do such unscrupulous acts like drugs, although, there are many (as in many!) reports of loss of things you shop (branded shirts, shoes, perfumes, bags) especially if in a balikbayan box!

    Travelers take care of your BALIKBAYAN BOXES... they are the target of unscrupulous personnel! Weigh your bags before you ship and when they arrive!

  3. Good work! I'm also looking at Zero Halliburton

  4. Thoughtful post including your experience about luggage. Samsonite Luggages is comfortable for long travel. I want to take a lightweight luggage due to our comfortable travel. However, your luggage is also nice and comfortable.

    Rimowa Repair New York

  5. I've seen a Rimowa Luggage from an actor's blog yesterday and I guess it has a warranty. Too bad for the scratches :( As for me I don't like scratches on my luggages I want them good as new all the time.

  6. I suddenly remembered my samsonite bag. I locked it, but the bukas kotse gang in Tarlac took it. Walang silbi yung lock cuz they took the whole bag!

    1. exactly, pag-expensive ang bag, attractive to those who want to get the whole bag!!!

  7. This is an informative post Ms. Pinay. I will keep these all in mind when choosing the right luggage. I would still prefer security over the looks :)

    Mommy Maye2

  8. for me and my family we use wenger luggage, since its materials are water resistant and it passes with a lot of quality check,and ofcourse yung lock niya attached with the bag kaya hindi problem yung maopen ng ballpen. kaya trusted brand na ng family ko

    1. Interesting... I think I'd like that, too! Is it available in the Philippines?

    2. yes wenger is available po here in the philippines, I bought my bag last time at tripologie store

    3. May I ask where Tripologie store is? Do they also have laptop bags?

    4. Anonymous, I checked out Tripologie store in FB... this should be one of the places i should visit!

  9. @Pinay Ricamore I also use wenger bags so far I am happy with it, very durable.

  10. I have a soft cover set of Samsonite suitcases that I've used for years. They have zippers and are incredibly durable. Over the years, I bought other suitcases on trips and they always fell apart but my Samsonite suitcases remain strong and intact even today. Great product.

  11. check out tripologie store when purchasing a luggage. they have a lot of different luggage to choose from and their friendly staff would love to help you

  12. You forgot to mention about the wheels! When exposed, this is one of the weakest areas and gets damaged by the luggage handlers so easily... and unfortunately, this seems to be where the industry is heading towards... throw-away luggages...

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  14. Samsonite has good feedbacks regarding the bags. It's better to buy a well-known brand to secure the safety of your things. There's lots of bags for sale in the mall that you can buy.

  15. Yeah its perfect for 10 days trip and looks like a lightweight bag. Samsonite is a reputed and famous luggage brands. I also have a travel bag from this brand and love it.

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