Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This was the third run in three weeks for my friends (every weekend) and I asked them how the run turned out!
They answered me, "This is our best run ever!"

So, I would like to congratulate the organizers for the Forest Lake 4K Run Halloween Edition held last October 28, 2012 for coming up with such an exciting 4K run!
By the way, Forest Lake is one of the beautiful memorial parks in the City.
Started with the warm up which they really appreciated, but already grabbed the energies of the less prepared.

the less prepared!
As they said, this run was more strenuous than any other run they ever joined.

Well, they expressed the zombies were the ones which made their lives exciting by taking away their lives, the red ribbon (not the cake)!

But if you can't beat them, join them! Never forget that even zombies want to pose!!!

But they were given an extra life, and they continued with their adventure!

They had to go through the obstacle course and  MAZE!!! A most unexpected twist and of course, they felt helpless again!

This time, they met the younger zombies in the MAZE! Of course, they posed too!

After the run, one more pose with all the zombies!!!

Some snacks to revive the energies!

Then, there was the awarding ceremony! But, don't have any list here!

More relaxing moments after the run!

And here are the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga runners from the Radiology Department and Kaladkarins! Thanks for the photos!!!

I was so glad to hear that there are still runs which excites the runners! 
Thanks to creative minds who continue to think and innovate to make usual activities challenging and fun!!!

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