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PLAZA PERSHING  is one of the historical landmarks of Zamboanga City and here are photos taken in 1999. 
It is an open air park where people go to listen to bands, contests, meetings, like "miting-de-avances" and other public activities of the city. 
The agri-fair is also placed in this area during Fiesta Pilar.
A giant Christmas tree is placed in the center of the Plaza during the Christmas season.
It is also a place where families and friends can stroll or just sit around to relax, where kids can run around and a "tambayan" (stand-by place) for students since Universidad de Zamboanga is just a walk away. 
Plaza Pershing is located in downtown Zamboanga and very accessible to the City Hall, to the Universidad de Zamboanga, to bazaars and department stores.
from Wikipedia:
Plaza Pershing - Plaza Pershing was established in Zamboanga City, Philippines to honor Governor John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing (September 13, 1860 – July 15, 1948) with his victory over Muslim insurgents.

We could see the century-old Zamboanga City Hall from Plaza Pershing.

This is the Universidad De Zamboanga near the Plaza Pershing which was founded in 1948.
from Wikipedia:
Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) is a private university in Zamboanga CityPhilippines, founded on October 12, 1948 by Arturo Eustaquio, Sr. It was formerly known as Zamboanga A.E. Colleges until it was changed to Universidad de Zamboanga in 2005, the year it was granted university status. UZ holds 25% of all college enrolment in region 9 Western Mindanao. It has 8 campuses spread out in an area of more than 130 hectares in and outside of the city. These campuses include the Main Campus in barangay Tetuan, City Campus, Cabatangan Campus, Pasonanca Campus, Veterans Campus, San Jose Campus, Canelar Campus and the Ipil Campus in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay. UZ has 2 Highschools namely Arturo Eustaquio Memorial Science Highschool and the UZ Technical Highschool.

At present, Plaza Pershing is undergoing renovation and rehabilitation and here is a news coverage I lifted online.
by Shiela Covarrubias
ZAMBOANGA CITY — The historicalPlaza Pershing located right at the heart of the city undergoes rehabilitation and improvement in line with the city government's thrust to preserve historical landmarks.
Costing P6 million, the Plaza Pershingrehabilitation is backed by a Sangguniang Panlungsod resolution supporting by the move of the Local Council of Culture, Arts and History (LCCAH) headed by Mayor Celso Lobregat to have Plaza Pershingrenovated the soonest possible time following the proposal from the Architectural division of the City Engineer's Office. The SP resolution was authored by Councilor Percival Ramos.
City Engineer Luis Despalo said the project is set to complete September or 6 months after it started rehabilitation March this year. He said the site development project includes pavers, walkway, fences, lights, drainage including the reconstruction/improvement of the stage and the construction of additional hanging gardens. The fountain will be replaced with the construction of a lighted and cascading fountain.
Councilor Ramos said the development of the landmark is purposely to preserve the site named after John Black Pershing, an American general who played a significant role in Zamboanga's history. "It (PlazaPershing) is one of the most cherished historical landmarks of the city"
Councilor Ramos said the face lifting of Plaza Pershing is appropriate and will help boost the city's tourism. The proposed improvement of the historical site will give the residents –locals and out of towners, the alternate site to visit, he said.
The project, according to the young councilor will likewise serve as a reminder for the young generation about the colorful history of Zamboanga.
The LCCAH, through resolution CL-02 series of 2010 and sponsored by Prof. Ali Yacub last Nov. 13, recommended the immediate implementation of improvement/rehabilitation of Plaza pershing as presented by Architect Rodel Falcasantos to include the rehabilitation of the stage, fountains, site development and landscaping.

I  do hope Plaza Pershing keeps its soul and historical ambience after the rehabilitation is done.
Let us look forward to this!

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