Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hong Kong is known for its skyscrapers and symphony of lights, where building participate in the play of colored lights and lasers!

But, even the buildings and show windows in Tsim Shat Sui and Central show how "techie" and ultra modern Hong Kong is! Its facade ranges from huge TV screens to interesting patterns and pixel plays to light assisted designs... some classic, some golden, some magnificent and some whimsical!

Here are some of them:
ESPRIT. The whole wall on both sides is a gigantic TV screen... so "techie"!

DIOR. With interesting classic black and white patterns...

CHANEL. The signs itself catches the eye.

LOUIS VUITTON. With similar play of patterns and black to white lights as Dior...notice the pixels...

the Chanel logo reflects on the Louis Vuitton wall.

COACH. In Central, I had a hard time taking a picture because of the backlight... as lights line the coach logos!

MCM. Also in Central, another classy and ritzy facade...

Louis Vuitton. The other Louis Vuitton store in Central...classy golden vertical waves. 
(I initially thought the LV sign was YSL becuase it had a very different look from the one in Tsim Sha Tsui)

Adidas. Back to Tsim, three stripes and giant neon shoes catch our eyes.

LCD ADS. LCD Billboard advertisements are a common sight.

GUCCIThe golden Gucci...
Tiffany & Co. At Heritage 1881 in Tsim, I was in awe with glass and bars... I was intimidated to enter the store!

Emperor. Also at Heritage 1881, traditional but elegant show windows displaying beautiful jewelry... no close-up shots of the jewelry pieces!
Lane Crawford. Across Heritage 1881 in Canton Road, just glittering and so Christmas-sy as it says "WRAPPED WITH LOVE"!

Tsim Sha Tsui and Central in Hong Kong houses most the high-end name brands and we can say they all have eye-catching, ultramodern and high-tech facades and windows... all head turners and great photo backgrounds!!!


  1. Nice kaayo Inday! ~~ Gen. D.

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