Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here I am again with Fireworks. It is getting to be my favorite topic!
This time I really added a day just because I knew that I wanted to watch the THIRD PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL PYROMUSICAL COMPETITION at the Seaside Boulevard of the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) last February 18, 2012 highlighting United Kingdom and Spain.

This is a tie-up of the Amusement Park with the Pyromusical competition.
I seemed a bit obsessed that afternoon because I saw that  traffic was piling up at the Mall of Asia!
I really wanted to find a good position where I would place my DSLR  camera complete with tripod!

Leiz and I were briskly walking from the Hypermart part of the Mall of Asia to the other side.
Then, we maneuvered to the restaurants and remembered that the second floor balcony restaurants would be the best location to watch the Fireworks extravaganza!

We finally found Gumbo Restaurant just because there was one more table by the balcony which was not yet reserved!
By the way, just to sit at the balcony side, we had to pay P1,500.00 for the buffet dinner, and cost P1,200.00 for the second and third rows away from the balcony.
The buffet dinner actually cost P750.00 if you ate inside the restaurant.

I didn't mind as long as I was in a good location!

By the way, if you aren't into photography, you can find a free space and just look up to appreciate the beauty of the fireworks show!

Music started with a James Bond, Live and Let Die Theme with very colorful fireworks.

I love the lighted carousel in the corner

The fireworks are off-shore and the balcony restaurants
would give the best vantage point.

Red is one of their dominant colors - - so February... so Valentines-y!

You will be amazed by the huge round lights
as well as the little lights at the base of the sea.


I don't know why gazing at Pyrotechnics is so amazing for me, and I never fail to be awed! 
But, partly, it is also because I love to see what comes out in the photographs! Really trying hard to get better shots!!! 

the interplay of lights at the base are so playful and
those out in the sky are so awesome

the interplay of colors at the base and also out in the sky are so interesting

But most timely is the music that comes with the Colorplay, which adds a heart to the displays.

beautiful COMBO!

I like this!!!
I almost just clicked away as if afraid to miss a shot! In fact, it seems the set could replaced the video... but I sill prefer still shots.
Leiz used the compact camera to do the video.

see the little yellow "brooms" in the base with huge balls in the sky!

watching at the balcony restaurants presents the panoramic view of the
Fireworks without extending the neck  

United Kingdom showed a fantastic rainbow presentation with lots of color change and an interplay of smaller lights at the base and massive lightly in the sky.

But, the music of the Spanish group seemed more attractive than the UK show!

Watch out for the next year's competition, too!
Hopefully, our Convention would also be at the same time just like this year!!!

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