Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is a private tertiary hospital located in Nuñez Extension, Zamboanga City.

It was started as a vision and an elusive idea when a group of doctors talked about its possibility and eventually formed the Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Incorporated in 2001.

Plans and preparations were underway until the groundbreaking last 2001 until the inauguration on October 18, 2003.
July 10, 2003 == before the opening and still making the fourth floor and the back part of the hospital. 

Here are aerial pictures of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga  circa 2005:
Nuñez Extension - - the "lakeside" view still so vast 

the surrounding area is still so open last 2005

Lots have changed since Ciudad Medical Zamboanga started more than 8 years ago. 

From a 30-bed hospital, it is now a 160-bed hospital this 2012. The institution is ever dynamic and continues to journey for excellence. Elusive this may be, the efforts of everyone still continue. 

Wish I could get aerial views again this 2012, and we can see the development of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga and the area around.... 

P.S. Thanks to Monsi Cris for the opportunity for the helicopter shots in 2005!

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