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I am sharing this blog because this is an inspiration for the young people to go beyond expectations... to jump over what is normal... and to break barriers of what is typical!

Meet Vicente Lorenzo Oporto Cabahug! (my nephew)
He is a "DOCTOR wanna be!" as his shirt says! He is a ThirdYear Medical Student at the Cebu Doctors' University College of Medicine this 2012-2013. And... Vince as we call him, was Top 2 in his Medicine Class during his First Year! In Second Year, he finished as Top 1 in Class. (We are continually prayerful that he keeps a very good school standing as he goes on with Medical School!)

So what makes Vince different from the rest of the medical students we know aside from excelling in school ?

Cebuanos conquer Xterra world finals in Maui

Friday, November 2, 2012
BIKING on a volcano, running on a trail with fallen trees and swimming with the dolphins were just some of the things Cebuanos Noy Jopson, Vincent Lorenzo Cabahug and Mateo Guidicelli and 17 other Filipinos had to endure to conquer the Xterra Off-road Triathlon Global Championships in Maui, Hawaii over the weekend along with 600 other athletes.
There were 17 Filipinos who joined the race, which was briefly threatened by a tsunami warning, which was lifted a few hours before the race.
Jong Sajulga of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon finished with the best time among the other Filipinos. He finished in three hours, 23.58 minutes and landed 28th in his age division.
Jopson, who finished 32nd in the 35-39 age group clocked in 3:34.40. Guidicelli (20-24 age group) and Pasig’s Andrew Arellano (30-34) both clocked in 4:02.24. Cabahug, racing in the same division as Guidicelli finished in 4:16.30.
So, What can you say about that?

He started off simply by joining weekend fun runs in Cebu starting with the 3 to 5K runs when he was in Second Year of Med School! (And Cebu has weekly runs ... and more if they would have been permitted!)
Then, during the Intrams in Cebu Doctors' University, he also learned some tips in swimming as part of the Swim Team and played in most games, especially if there were no players available.

Well, he got a handful of medals and a trophy and was casually labelled as "Most Valuable Player" (MVP) during the CDU Intrams in his Second Year in Med School.

I was so curious why he ever thought of joining the Triathlons since both his parents are doctors, Dr. Vicente M. Cabahug, a radiologist and Dr. Jessica Oporto Cabahug, a pediatrician and not necessarily the athletic type, although, his Dad is into biking leisurely together with family. 
with cousin Jeremy Flordelis, Vince, Dad Vicente Cabahug, and uncles, Butch Oporto, dentist Dr. John Sidney Ricamora (author's brother) and Joel Oporto

with Dad, Dr. Vicente Cabahug

My brother, Dr. Sid Ricamora said Vince would just inform them if he has exams for that week and he isn't available or... if he has an hour or so scheduled break, the short time of which he can use to bike with them. Vince would also take more difficult runs along the way.
biking leisurely

One of his friends during fun runs, Rochelle Tan (who comes from a family of athletes) and a Med Tech student also in CDU suggested that he try the Triathlon. And he did!

His parents were apprehensive. Everyone was worried his grades would fall. Friends (of parents) bluntly said it is impossible to combine Med school with extreme sports such as triathlons. I guess, this was one of Vince's motivation to show he could combine both.

Obviously, he couldn't do the full training others would embark on but he was able to be coached during his breaks. I guess later, one of his coaches was Coach Noy Jopson to prepare him for Maui!

The XTerra Cebu, Philippines was in March 18, 2012 (a week before FINAL EXAMS!) while the 70.3 Ironman was in August 5, 2012 (which he also joined) and XTerra Maui, Hawaii was in October 28, 2012.  So definitely, these would be during the  school season and also during summer and semestral vacations. Luckily, most of the qualifiers are also held in Cebu!

Difference of XTerra and Ironman:

Xterra: The world’s premier off-road triathlon, combining a 1.5-kilometer (1-mile) rough water swim, a 30.4-kilometer (18.89-miles) mountain bike and a 9.5-kilometer (5.9 miles) trail run best described as a tropical roller-coaster ride through pineapple fields and forests. (shorter bike trail but more extreme and rough roads)

Ironman: The race, which will be held on Aug. 5 at Shangrila Mactan, is one of the series of middle-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corp. It features the total distance of 70.3 miles, or 113 kilometers, and covers a 1.9-km swim, 90K bike and a 21.1-km run.

He was Top 2 in First Year Med School!
He did ask permission from his apprehensive parents but he made it  to Top 1 in his Med Class in the Second Year 2011-2012, that is, even if he joined XTerra a week before final examinations!!! 
His parents couldn't anymore say no
Vince did his part (to study really well!) and all his parents could do is to support his second passion! 
By the way, Cebu Doctors' University is also googled as one of the Top 10 Medical Schools in the Country!

He is such a humble kid. He did not force his parents to buy the most expensive suits or bikes, and all! In fact, he said, he will just borrow a bike from a friend. His parents found out the bike was so heavy and later they found out that bikes for triathlons are of a different make. His parents helped him out with his suits and equipment... not because he demanded... but because they know he needed it... mostly, for safety and ease issues! He did have his share of some falls, wounds and bruises for them to know the value of safety!

When he got his number and other paraphernalia for XTerra in Cebu, he was still wearing his white med school uniform... quite intriguing, right?
He got second place in the XTerra Cebu 2012 for age 20-24, so he got a slot for XTerra World Championships in Maui!
Xterra Phil files: his running form
Xterra Phil files: running
October 28 was semestral vacation for most students but since Vince was Third Year in Med School, he missed about 3 school days just so he could represent the Philippines in the XTerra World  Championships 2012 in Maui, Hawaii!
Proud to represent Philippines in the 2012 XTERRA world championship!=D — at Maui, Hawaii. == Vince's shoutout! 

from Xterra files (google images): This is the Swim Start!
How can we even start!?!
from XTerra files: what can we expect from Maui waves, 
especially just after calling off tsunami warning! 
Definitely exciting for Vince and all triathletes!
Maui Swim Route through the gigantic waves!

Maui routes
with Vaseline Men XTerra Philippine Team and Maui 2012 finishers, 
TV host Drew Arellano and Hector Yuzon 
and with beautiful mom, Dr. Jessica Cabahug

Dad Vicente with Vaseline Men XTerra Philippine Team and Maui 2012 finisher, actor Matteo Guidicelli also from Cebu 
relaxed with parents in Maui!

There were about 750 pro and amateur triathletes who joined from all over the world.
Even at the start of the XTerra race, a lot already weren't able to finish the swim versus the huge Maui waves, according to his Dad!
A total of 630 athletes completed the race!
Coach Noy Jopson finished Rank No. 289, TV host Drew Arellano finished Rank No. 441 and Actor Matteo Guidicelli finished Rank No. 442 (Drew and Matteo with same time finish!) while Vince Cabahug finished Rank No. 494 over-all and Rank 17 in his Age 20-24 group!

Well, who would expect a 22-year old Top Medical Student to excel also in Triathlons as proven by finishing the Xterra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii! 
Would there be any other medical students among the triathletes?
In fact, Vince is eyeing other countries, too... would it be Guam... Norway? (but might not fit in his Med School schedules!)

The only limiting factor now is Medical School, which at the moment, which is actually his FIRST priority
I expect him to complete this and for him to excel also in the medical field because he comes from a family of doctors... and he has the brains, the personality and the heart!
By the way, he is already a licensed nurse, too!

And he is into something else, too... the World Cube Association which is a contest on the Rubik's Cube, where he also excels.
The Rubik's Cube is another of the feats he wants to conquer, using his brains and speed! There are also Speedcubing challenges in Cebu like the Cebu Open.

from Wikipedia:
Speedcubing competitions
Speedcubing (or speedsolving) is the practice of trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in the shortest time possible. There are a number of speedcubing competitions that take place around the world. 
Many speedcubers continue to practice it and other twisty puzzles and compete for the fastest times in various categories. Its international governing body, the World Cube Association, has organised competitions and kept the official world records since 2003.

Everyone is proud of you, Vince! 
You have shown us it is POSSIBLE to go BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!
*   That being Top 1 in Medical School doesn't equate with being a Nerd!
**  That BRAINS and BRAWN can complement each other with discipline, motivation and determination!
*** That all these talents are also complemented with humility and being a normal young man!
just a normal down-to-earth kid with family and friends!

Way to go, Vince! 
Way to go to the Oporto and Cabahug family who has formed him to be a wholesome young man!!
This is the supportive Cabahug family...and he is an only son! 
Here are (R-L): sis Therese (nurse), mom Dr. Jessica, dad Dr. Ite, 
sis Stephanie( nursing student and doc-to-be), Keisha (nurse), Vince  and Dr. Christie Ann!

Be an inspiration to all the young people
... and folks of all ages !!!

1.  I got the parents' permission but not necessarily Vince's permission... hope you don't mind Vince if you have an excited aunt!
2. The pictures in this blog are not mine and were shared by Vince's parents, from Xterra files and from pictures they bought from Maui. 
3. Some pictures are also from their Facebook!


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  7. i envy this guy. i wanted to join a fun run, but do not know where to start. I wanted to learn how to swim, but don't know if Im old for that stuff. Lastly, I wanted to bike around our place, but do not have a bike. hahaha

  8. What a well-rounded young man! I am sure that medical keeps his mind occupied, while his passion for triathlon keeps his body and mind balanced too. Kudos Vince! Thanks for sharing proud auntie :)

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  12. Congratulation to your nephew! You all have the reason to be proud Auntie :D This is another example of if "If there is a will, there is a way."

  13. What a talented man he is. And the only boy, I'm sure his parents are so so so proud of his achievements. May God continue to bless him and keep him safe as well. He's gwapo ha! I'm sure tons of women are dying to be his girlfriend hahhaa!

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  17. Oh wow ~ smart and good looking! He has a bright future ahead of him. :)

  18. Initially, I didn't know what Vince's reaction would be! But I am really happy he appreciated it!
    Here is his FB status:

    This really came unexpected! despite all the stress I am having recently this past few weeks, reading this seemed to have flush it all out. thanks tita!=D
    Filipinas Rojo

  19. Thanks to all fellow bloggers who appreciated Vince's feat... and cuteness! He is really a great young man and we wish him the best in life!

  20. Wow! He serves as an inspiration for our younger generation, Doc!

  21. Congratulations and I know you are very proud of him.

  22. Wow!the first time I saw him, I thought he is a basketball player,hehe
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