Saturday, September 10, 2016

'Round and 'Round Saigon 2016

September 2016

We had a super fun experience going round and round along the streets of Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam especially at night!

We stayed near Alagon Central Hotel and as we crossed to the other side of the road, where Starbucks and many other branded shops were located, we were amazed by the traffic of Saigon.

It was a different experience than that in the Philippines since as soon as the green GO sign flashes, there is a continuous flow of motorbikes!

Initially, we said, "We can easily cross the street. We come from Zamboanga City... it couldn't be too different!"

But it was! And that added to the fun in Saigon! 

Saigon was a whole new experience for us with the "millions" of motorbikes speeding by. We were told that these drivers are the "kings of the road" and so they just drive past the pedestrians acting like we were never around. We had to steer away from them, so as not to be hit! But since we need to cross the street, we raise our hand just to "make ourselves more visible" and hoping (and praying) that they give way! Crossing the streets of Saigon is a great art in itself!!!

So here we are, deciding to do a video selfie in the small island in middle of 6-lane intersection near Alagon Central. 

Then, as we went out of Saigon Center just across Saigon Square, we found our corner where we did our whirls. This time, we tried to do it faster!

As we walked further to cross to Ben Thanh Market, we found ourselves in the middle island, and did our rounds there, too. We already got the hang of the fast spin, so you could imagine usthere!

At the Night Market, we invited Trang, our new Vietnamese friend to join us as we whirled around to get our video selfies (or groufies!) 

Finally, I included our midmorning selfie at the Alagon Central Hotel roofdeck to share the Saigon panorama at this vantage point!

It was an adventure to remember as we felt like riding a superfast merry-go-round ... laughing and screaming and of course, getting dizzy as we went around faster!

I know some folks might have wondered what we were doing, but it also seemed like they really didn't mind us!

Enjoy the video... you might want to do the same!!!


  1. Wow Doc I'm always amazed to hear about your adventures abroad, sounds like you had fun =)


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