Wednesday, January 26, 2011

APPLE STORES: Boston and New York

Apple (the fruit company according to Forrest Gump) has already gained a following...and somehow I am now one of them!

But not only do they have innovative and unique products, they also presents unique architecture in their main stores which definitely stands out among the rest.

I first saw "The Apple Store in New York" in the movie "Meet Dave", which I incidentally also watched during my very short stay in New York. 
I had to find the store since it seemed like a replica of the one in Boston and I found this in the Fifth Avenue of Manhattan. Interesting to note is that this is a one-storey stand alone glass building for the entrance and one goes down the stairs or the elevator to the store itself located a floor down (at the basement).
Imagine a glass one storey entrance among all the old huge stone buildings! 

More interesting is that it opens 24/7 and 365 days a year! 

As they say, in a city that never sleeps is a store that never stops.

Apple Store at Fifth Avenue, New York
Activity at the Apple Store NY
On main floor is open 24/7 for all activities such as Sales and Training
Apple Store NY: down the glass steps and note the elevator in the center
Apple Store NY: down the glass steps
Apple Store NY: down the glass steps
Apple Store NY: as I look up from inside the elevator in the center of the stairs
Apple Store NY
When I went to Boston, we already intended to visit the Apple Store to check out some things we viewed online!
Lo and behold, among the historic buildings in Boylston Street is a three-storey glass castle where Apple fans can have the time of their life...test driving the different Mac products and you can stay there as long as the store is open. 
Actually store hours were:  Mon to Sat 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m and Sun: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 
They dedicated a whole floor for personal training and we also did Onetoone (One to One) for a month.
We just needed to schedule online for the choices of topic and time we wanted, which matched our convenient time.
Usually, Joko would come for the 5 pm class and I would take the 6 pm class.
Apple Store, Boylston inBoston
Apple Store, Boylston in Boston: from outside
Apple Store, Boylston in Boston First Floor
Apple Store Boston: at the third floor dedicated to personal training
Apple Store Boston: at the third floor dedicated to personal training
Apple Store Boston: from the third floor looking down to second
Apple Store Boston: at the first floor = = test drive the Mac all you can

We also witnessed how Apple fans would line up waiting for the iPad, since that was the time last May 2010 when they were launching the iPad.
That was just the beginning and now all kinds of tablets have popped up and a new revolution has again arrived.

Apple has remained an icon, not only in technology but also in architecture.


  1. wow...speechless!

  2. I am really amazed by their unique architecture... only from Apple... dare to be different!

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