Monday, January 31, 2011


After talking about explosions, here is the beautiful side of what fireworks are there for. Fireworks mark grand celebrations of whatever kind = = New Year, weddings, birthdays, inaugurations, etc.! And of course, highlight the end of the evenings in the happiest place in earth, Disneyland and other well known theme parks!   

I was in Florida the Summer of 2010, and really very lucky since I was given by a high school schoolmate, through my cousin, Disney passes for three people for three days! Just right, since I was there with my mom and my son.

I'd like to share with you some of my fireworks shots which I had to find a way to do since it was a really rainy late afternoon with lightning to boot! 

Did you know that Florida is called the "Lightning Capital of the World"? They say that even if Florida is not actually No. 1 when it comes to lightning strikes, the Sunshine State does get a lot of activity! Sunshine State vs. Lightning Capital sounds ironic, right?!?

I was able to catch this lightning...see everyone in raincoats!

Here's a longer lightning image but definitely with motion in the rest of the shot! 
This is Cinderella's castle at night before the fireworks...I initially thought this was Cinderella's castle then thought it was Sleeping Beauty's Castle and finally, I read that this is indeed Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom! But this is where you meet the princesses and along the way, Minnie and Mickey...Pluto...Donald Duck are just around!

Encounter princesses from the royal realms of Disney films
 such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella
Mickey and Minnie welcomes us to Disney Florida! Good they were "stuck" in a corner due to the rain... and of course, the queue was shorter also because the night was so wet!
Luckily, the rain stopped about an hour before the fireworks display or it would have been cancelled...and its was all that I wanted to see!

Here are the following fireworks pictures which I am quite happy about! No edits from Photoshoppe or otherwise! Some of the pictures show smoke rather than fireworks and those are effects of the rain...
fireworks initially muted by the rain!


the expanse the fireworks display, thus, quite difficult to choose close-up or wide angle!
I love how the castle changes color! It added to the drama of the display!!!

this is actually how far I was... I stayed away to be able to get the panorama...

how little the Castle looks beneath the lights!
The sky cleared up a bit, only with fabulous lights to watch!

And at the end of the show, the sky was filled with a kaleidoscope of light with smoke! See all the spectators in rain coat, all in awe!!!
Rain came back after the show and we were "trapped" in Cinderella's castle until 2 am (extended hours that night) when the parks closed and we just had to run in the rain...Whew! it was really cold!
ISN'T IT UNIQUE THAT THE PARK CLOSED AT 2 A.M. So timely for us. They say it was a one-day graduation gift... to extend Disney park hours!!!
I was waiting to get more lightning shots,
 but it seems that if we are really waiting, it is harder to get one!
Belle's silhouette... the alleys were dark and the streets wet... it was  an eerie scene.                                                            
Not everyone gets the chance to see Disney in this light!
light is from lightning...
It was still a lot of fun but a different kind of magic in Magic Kingdom!
Fortunately, no one got sick and we still had lots of energy for the other parks!

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