Saturday, April 23, 2011


I got my booking for the Marina Bay Sands Hotel from which is sort of an irony, isn’t it? The site gave the best deal at the time of browsing, although, most sites gave similar deals.
After much thought, I chose the Atrium Premiere room with a 45 sq. meter area, instead of the 35 sq. meter Horizon De Luxe and Atrium De Luxe, which were all quoted the same price. Of course, a “non-refundable room” would be given an even better discount.  
Being a photography buff, I would have wanted a Horizon room which is situated at the 24th to the 55th floor, but settled instead for the larger Atrium room. [By the way, the price of Marina Bay Sands is competitive with the other five star hotels in Singapore in the booking sites, but may be higher in MBS in the official sites]

From the booking site, we were already informed that there is a coach service to the hotel which is very convenient for the hotel guests. 
It is easy to find and it transfers from one Terminal to the other including the Budget Terminals.

But luck came my way and we were upgraded to the 90 sq. meter Orchid Suite by a very gracious lady named Regina at the front desk.
the smiling Regina welcoming us to Marina Bay Sands
at the Marina Bay Sands front desk
Before I went up the room, I waited for my niece, Karen and my cousin, Madi who are now working in Singapore. 
So happy to see them and so happy to share this Marina Bay Sands experience. 
I also met Aden there, Madi’s friend and thanks to him, we had lots of photos in Marina Bay Sands (MBS).
Madi and Karen welcomed us to Singapore!
Tower 3 elevators to the horizon floor

Of course, when you ride the elevator, use the card key so you can be brought to the right hotel floor. You can't go anywhere without the card key.
As we walked through the carpeted hallway, we were led to 4727, the room at the end of the aisle, with the amazing Singapore Flyer as the welcoming view through the window.
hallway to the room
Great view just outside our suite... no less than one of Singapore's pride, the Singapore Flyer!
We entered the Orchid Suite using the card key with the Lion King logo and were welcomed by the two George’s who went ahead in the room. 
Lo and behold, the room was too much for the three of us...but at least, we were able to taste luxury at its best in this prestigious hotel! 

us... feeling so comfy!... and rich!!!
There were three main areas of the Orchid Suite
** one = the living room and dining room area; 
** two = the bathroom and closet area;      and 
** three = the bedroom and office desk area.
Though, I requested for a view of the city, the Orchid Suite gave us the best of both views! 
As we entered the room, we are welcomed by the round dining table with four chairs.
Just beware of the refrigerator
There are sensors for the beverages and if you take it out of its place, you’ll surely be charged. 
Don’t worry, they’ll advise ( warn ) you of that!

the dining area...but now it is filled with laptops!
The Living Room area was at the Western side facing the sea, although, at this time there are new structures sprouting up and definitely are interesting structures in the making. 
There is a very large sofa in the living room facing a 40” flat screen TV. 
We closed the curtains (remote control) for the large window because it also comes in view through the hallway window!

looking at the sea view
the sea the future, looks like more interesting structures to see

The huge bathroom shows a separate bath tub on the left side, a very large central mirror with lots of lotions, soaps and hair dryer ready for use.
On the right side are separate rooms for a shower and for the toilet. 
A phone is available at the toilet area.
there is a separate toilet and separate shower on the other side...
Across this is a large closet area for the bags as well as an area for hanging the clothes, ironing and also for the kettle. 
Two bathrobes are ready for use.

As we entered the huge bedroom, we saw a kingsize bed on the right side, with a lounging chair beside this. 
At the center part of the room is a dresser with a revolving 40” flat screen TV. 
On the left side is a sofa, which converts as an additional bed. 
At the corner is an office desk with a bubble jet printer to boot. 
Of course, complimentary internet came with the Orchid Suite. 
However, for usual rooms, internet comes with a surcharge with rates as follows: 15 Sing Dollar for an hour, 25 Sing Dollar for 5 hours and 35 Sing Dollar for 24-hours.

the bedroom 

the desk area
The best part is a glass window in the whole span of the suite where I got the best view of the City. Needless to say, I brought the tripod for the nightshots. 

the amazing city view...with the Arts and Science Museum 

the city view has a very interesting panorama...
and Marina Bay Sands is at the best advantage to appreciate the breath-taking sight! 
These are the nightshots I got... Marina Bay is definitely the most beautiful place in Singapore!

City view panorama at night

with the Fullerton Hotel in view at night
the Helix = a bridge connecting the Marina Bay Sands to the rest of Marina Bay at night! 
The day views are also as great! But I still have to get the map to identify these landmarks...
the outdoor theater at the Esplanade
the historic Fullerton Hotel
this is the Fullerton side of Marina Bay
the Durians = these are the theaters and mall in the Esplanade area
I was looking for the famed Merlion but for this Bienniale celebration, 
the Merlion is temporarily house in the red box which will serve as a one-room hotel

Youth Olympic Park

viewing the City Hall and the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

St. Andrews Church
the Helix = a bridge connecting the Marina Bay Sands to the rest of Marina Bay
The place is very cozy and with comfortable beddings, that we didn't want to wake up in the morning. 
But as they say, even good things have to end, and it is time to check-out! 
Check out time is 11 a.m. (Check-in time is 2 pm)

To top it all, the Express Check-out is a breeze and just close to the elevators. This is separate from the front desk and reception area.

Express Check-out area
Anyway, the Orchid Suite experience is worth our while and I am very grateful for the short time of luxury we had!


  1. thanks Tita for this very wonderful experience.. we really had a great time!!

  2. It was also a very unique experience for me...and glad to share it with you and Madi! Wonder when I can g back to Singapore?

  3. Thanks for sharing. Been to different places, but, i wish i have your passion! i will definitely follow you.

  4. Thank you ... Especially that you felt the passion... Even a simple place can still excite me. Are you in my list of followers?

  5. I've not been to Singapore yet and I would love to spend even just one night at the Marina Bay Sands too. Breathtaking views, thank you for sharing :)

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