Saturday, April 23, 2011


MARINA BAY SANDS  (some data gathered from Forbes Asia September 17, 2010 issue and my own impressions)

The Marina Bay Sands opened last June 23, 2010 as Singapore’s 21st Century Icon and has now joined the ranks of other city landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

   side view of the curve...
see the curve....that's the challenge MBS gave the engineers!
Marina Bay Sands has been designed to symbolize the gateway of Singapore with a very challenging design where all three towers’ structure was drawn in the image of the Chinese character “入”;  which means “enter a place”.
The eastern building has a maximum slope of 52 degrees, has a 70-meter high (23-story) connecting section to the western building (facing the sea) before being extended to 55-story.

this is Marina Bay Sands from afar!
Marina Bay Sands at night...and the color changes make it more amazing!
Marina Bay Sands has a total of 2561guest rooms. One of the highlights of this hotel is the SkyPark which is 343-meterwide and twice the size of the soccerfield and connects the 56th and the 57th floors of the three buildings of the hotel.
The SkyPark includes an infinity edge swimming pool, a public observation deck, garden, a trail and restaurants.

at the Infinity Pool area
Karen quite comfortable at the Skypark...
As you enter the Skypark, you could appreciate the infinity pool on the right side. It is awe-inspiring, breath-taking and an entirely different experience! 

On the  left side, there is a garden and who would imaging cobblestones and foxtail palms lined up in a garden in the sky.
and we are in the 57th floor and it is an open-air park!
really just feels like a park...I didn't feel that it was 57 floors up!
with a jacuzzi in some areas...

doesn't the place just feel so relaxing... you forget you are in a building...skyscraper at that!
There are areas only for hotel guests but even hotel visitors, who pay S$ 20.00 already get a feel of the place in the areas they are allowed in.

just at the edge!

the hotel guests swimming....
the place is just amazing...

The public observation deck gives you a view of the whole city and also gives you a view of the back part of the infinity pool.
the backside of the infinity pool at the Skypark

can you imagine yourself atop the 57th floor and not enclosed in a building!
Unfortunately, we didn’t try out the restaurants in the Skypark.

strictly for suite and club guests only...

We, however, opted to eat in the restaurants in the Marina Bay Sands food court, which also offered a whole lot of yummy choices.  It was an interesting place in itself with a cooking class within the food court and the Japanese chef amazing us with his noodle-making ability!

Cooking class in the Marina Bay Sands Food court...
and she even mentioned the Philippine calamansi, which caught my attention!
Noodle star indeed from the Japanese chef making the noodles before our very eyes! 
and the food was good!
A dip in the pool would have completed the experience, but with our short stay in Singapore, we decided to have our walk in the Marina Bay area which is also as exciting!

Try the place out!


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