Sunday, September 9, 2012


Coca Cola has always had the trademark soft drink bottle, wherein others use the term "Coca-Cola body" to mean a sexy lady!

We are so used to the usual 8 oz. and 12 oz. bottles and later the "Litro" (I L bottle) , then the 1.5 L and even the 1.25 L ones! 

In the recent years, the Coke in Can has also made its mark.

So whenever, we see an unusual size, shape or label, it easily catches my attention, and of course, my lens!

In Davao, the smaller version of Coke, the Coke Sakto (200 ml!) and the small Royal Tru-orange bottle.
compared to the 12-oz. Mountain Dew

237 ml Royal Tru-orange and 200 ml Coke Sakto
237 ml Royal and Coke Sakto 
We used to have the Coke Sakto in Zamboanga and eventually no longer distributed in ZC, thus, looks unusual for me again! 

They said, maybe, the ZamboangueƱos are Coke drinkers and the Coke Sakto is not "sakto" since too small to satisfy! (hahaha, just a thought!)

Other Cokes in Can and Bottles!
Coke bottles in Thailand.

Coke in can in Thailand.

Coke bottle in Paris.

Coke bottle in Rome.
the Coke bottle is just in the background.

Coke in can in Rome.

in support of Italia and the soccer cup!
Coke bottle in Korea.

I didn't realize I had all these pictures of Cokes of varying sizes and shapes and from which countries.

What may seem unusual to us is actually, quite normal to others!!!


  1. its cute tocollect dfferent coke in can designs :)

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