Monday, May 12, 2014


This time, I would like to greet my mom, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
Mom at 83 years old! (she's now 84!)
My Mommy Lucy is a very remarkable woman who has indeed combined being an executive in a multinational company (Pilipinas Shell) where she was connected for more than 30 years and of course, a most loving Mommy!

At work, she was the epitome of professionalism with the best work ethics and most respected at that! Many of the Shell big bosses "passed through her hands" as a stalwart executive in the Accounting Department, especially, while they were still budding salesmen! I remember the times when she also audited Shell Depots in the Visayas (Catbalogan, Tacloban, Amlan, Roxas City among others) as part of her job! Those were also the times when I first had travels outside of Cebu City!

I found her as a very formal woman at work, quite strict, I may say. She was always Manang Lucy or Ma'am Lucy to others! Of course, many of her officemates ask her for advice which I know turned out as pearls in their life.

As a Mom, I know she was a disciplinarian when we were much younger but my memory mostly recalls that she lives and teaches values by example and shows love all the time to all six of us kids, inspite of late night work hours.
And a most wonderful example of her love is her devotion to my Dad even when my Dad was on ventilator in the last seven years of his life! My Mom was his partner who never (as in never!) left his side! She was still able to sew and do her gardening and continued to grow and be beautiful and her presence was still well felt! No complaints heard... and you know she enjoyed loving and serving my Dad... and all of us, kids! This is LOVE TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE!

My aunt calls her AN ANGEL ON EARTH! And, I guess, this is a tough act to follow! And, she continues to be the wisest woman when it comes to sharing advises that matter to the people around her! She is also the most broad-minded person I have ever know... and I never ever heard her nag any of us! 

Just a few weeks ago, we had a very interesting chat with the waiter at the restaurant. When my Mom mentioned, "We always should be health-conscious when we are already old!" and the guy answered, "But you are still young, Ma'am." needless to say, we asked him to guess her age. Reluctantly, he answered "Fifty plus!". I didn't dare ask what he thought our age was!

So definitely 50 years old is way far from 84 years old! I am so proud that she still is healthy and strong at 84!

I thank and greet my equally beautiful aunts who remain as my Mom's best friends, together with their prayer group for being the reason that they continue to grow gracefully!

And of course, Happy Mother's Day to my Mom-in-Law, Julia...and to all Moms in the Rojo side!

...and to my Mama Yolie, who also took very good care of me while I was so young!

We love you all!♥♥♥

♥♥♥Happy Mother's Day 
to all our Mothers!!! ♥♥♥

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