Monday, May 12, 2014


A different Mother's Day experience I did have this May 11, 2014 and that was by "exploring Queen's Filipino culinary restos" (to borrow from friend, Randy A.)

Today, I requested my friend, Jason D. to orient me around the NYU Langone area so I don't get lost on my first day there.

Fortunately, I got to see more of New York when he invited me and another friend for lunch at Tito Rad's Grill in Woodside.
Owner Toti was apologetic since they just moved to a newer, more posh and larger restaurant close by last April 30... and that was just a few days ago and begged for understanding for the adjustment period, which also happened to be in time for a very busy Mother's Day!

interestingly, the very kind gentleman who took our pictures, Arty C. also happened to be from Cebu... a cousin of our high school classmate ...and a Nurse practitioner (just like Jason) at that!
It is indeed a small world!

We were so full and satisfied... and forgiving for some little things which we would attribute to the very busy adjustment period! 

Then, we decided to go to another place... another Filipino dining place!!!

No! We didn't come for the buffet!!!

But we did have this!

the halo-halo matches my kaleidoscope dress!
Along the way, we saw these very nice scenes...

It is Mother's Day!

Here are roses and beautiful flowers for all the Mothers!!!

♥♥♥Happy Mother's Day!!!♥♥♥


  1. It's great to go around NY with your post doc. Those halohalo servings look delicious.

  2. Wow ang sarap naman Doc. Kakainggit. Looks like you are having a good time in NYC :) Belated Happy Mom's Day Doc.

    Mommy Maye

  3. That's an awesome way to spend Mother's Day. All the food!

  4. Thatk you for taking me to NY doc! Belated Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Pinoy cuisine in no less than a Pinoy resto! It must have felt so "Pinoy" to be surrounded by so many Pinoys and tasting those tempting delicacies in NYC! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day celebration!

  6. You will not miss Pinoy cuisine! Happy to see a happy face in NY!

  7. it feels like your close to home with the filipino resto in NY! belated happy mother's day

  8. Oooh my dream destination! And oh my goodness, such scrumptious-looking Pinoy fare! Yum!

  9. Wow inoy na pinoy pa din lalo na ang foods...pati halo-halo meron..I just wonder, free kaya ang yelo ng halo-halo kapag winter...hehehe.

  10. Wow! I would love to visit that place someday, sarap ng foodies, perfect for any special occassion, parang nasa pinas lang.:)

  11. So nice to be in NYC and celebrate mother's day there.. haven't been to America yet.

  12. Wow, nice to see naman those Pinoy menus in a foreign land, bawas home sick siguro kahit panu for those Filipinos there. You sure look like you are having a blast. Belated happy Mom's Day po, doc! :-)

  13. Its good price for buffet, tsaka sarap ng foodies with my favorite pa naman lechon.. Indeed a Happy Mother's Day celebration:)

  14. The halo2x looks yummy but I think it needs at least a scoop of ice cream.

    1. Right! but since we were already so full before going to that place, I sort of forgot to note that and too busy with the pictures that look like my blouse too!