Monday, June 20, 2011


Aside from enjoying the Sky Experience Adventure viewing, I also really enjoyed my CROWN REGENCY BREAKFAST!

I was sort of in a hurry and so I thought I'd miss my breakfast... but was quite curious about it!
Fortunately, I was able to slip it in my schedule...

 GLO Cafe and Lounge is at the second floor...
By the way, I am not a food connoissuer...and I have no credentials to the field of FOOD Judgment, BUT, I just enjoyed looking at the place and amazed at a new set of meals they had to offer.
 There was mainly this set, and thus, limited, but it was enough to impress me. Here are some of the food they served...
Fish kebab! This was interesting for me...and it tastes very good...and healthy to boot! 
White pasta with shrimp!
Instead of the boiled eggs, they had Russian poached eggs!
This was a Vegetable "something" with Mango Chutney sauce -
I actually forgot the word, but it looked like a variant of empanada!
Another empanada type -- their mini calzone...
They also had Sweet Ham with a twist since this had pineapple sauce and of course, Native chorizo.
They also had a mixed vegetable dish and a few more, aside from the choices of breads...

I was impressed because the food choices weren't the usual simple ham, bacon, boiled egg, scrambled egg, pork and beans, etc.
And the food were heated in automated or digital heaters, which I felt was a very new innovation...first time I saw this! I was impressed!

There was also an omelette station...
Here we are with Chef Jessica in brown...the main Chef was Chef Erlito...Congrats, the food were yummy and healthy!

Another thing that caught my attention were  the FRUIT CARVINGS!

Beautiful, aren't they?

I wish I had more time to savor each of the dishes they served, but I was happy with what I ate.. and my eyes were also very pleased! Really yummy to my tummy...and to my photographer "eyes"!

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