Monday, June 20, 2011


As I mentioned, I wanted to use this camera for its superzoom and macros, which I usually need in our weekend rendezvous and also for travelling.

However, when I attended a mall show in Ayala, Cebu, it had difficulty in getting fast action shots in low light. They already mentioned this in tests, but I guess I tested that for myself...and I feel I missed the event...
too fast...looks like panning

too fast...out of the picture border!
in time when he looked away...
The superzoom would have been useful, if the guests on stage doesn’t move. I feel it still had to catch the light before the click, many times missing the all important shots! The delay in shooting is quite obvious.
Got a few better shots...when he sang a mellow song...

So if your intended use is for low light, such as evening shots and more so, with people on the move, this is not the camera for it!

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  1. I also have an issue with a Nikon I have. If i shoot a night party scene, the picture has a very yellow hue. Ano gamot nito, doc? (:) )