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Spectro Magic Parade in  Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida was still spectacular even if it was raining! Good that this parade pushed through in between the strong rains and lightning episodes.
The Spectro Magic Parade is described as the magical, musical nighttime parade sensation!

"SpectroMagic" Parade

The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

By Theresa Johnston, About.com Guide

Combining the energy of seven lightning bolts, the electrical power of a fleet of 2,000 highway trucks and a sprinkling of pixie-dust. When you combine all this and turn down the lights in Magic Kingdom, it's showtime for the Walt Disney World nighttime wonder "SpectroMagic."

A nighttime parade that showcases a techno-workshop full of lighting effects to re-create pixies and peacocks, sea horses and flying horses, flower gardens and fountains - all the whimsical creatures and environments of Disney's worlds of wonder and fantasy. "SpectroMagic" is Disney's replacement to the Main Street Electrical Parade which ended in March of 2001.

before the parade, the streets were already wet...
Considering the parade had the energy of seven lightning bolts, additional lightning bolts from external sources (i.e. NATURE!) would be "explosive"!
They wanted to cancel the lights parade for obvious reasons... the electrical stuff and all!
But somehow, the rain stopped for a while in time for the Spectro Magic parade and also stopped for the Fireworks show. 
After which, the rain, thunderstorms and lightning came back at midnight continuing even when we left Disney at 2 a.m. We were lucky that day, that Orlando Magic Kingdom closed at 2 a.m. as a special treat for graduates.

BUT, did you know that Florida, specifically Orlando is contesting vs. Rwanda as one of the world's capital for lightning where accordingly, in a regular afternoon thunderstorm, they record over 4000 lightning strikes?
great timing to get a shot of the lightning!
It was very hard for me as a "trying hard photographer" because I couldn't just stand in the rain while I was carrying the camera (the risks!!!)...and I couldn't position myself with a tripod.. So pardon the shakes in the photographs!

Of course, I had to try to squeeze in for a good position in between spectators and run for cover, when it rains.
Anyway, I just want to share the beauty of the parade and the joy it brings to the onlookers!

SpectroMagic's Opening announcement is provided by Jiminy Cricket who says: 
Welcome to the Splendor, the spectacle, the sparkling sensation, where the romance, the comedy and thrill of Disney Fantasies come to electric life…. And now the Magic Kingdom Proudly Presents in a million points of musical light, the Magical World of Disney in SPECTROMAGIC!”
spectators line at the sidewalks of Main Street for the parade! 
Entrance Unit with Trumpeteers

TRUMPETEERS start the Spectro Magic Parade

Title Unit with SPECTROMAGIC

SPECTROMAN! at the Spectro Magic Title Unit

of course, Mickey Mouse welcomes us!

and Goofy, too...
Goofy with Harp

Music Unit : Magical Spectro Orchestra

Sleeping Beauty Garden with Peacock

Sleeping Beauty Garden with Peacock

Sleeping Beauty Garden with Flora, Fauna and Merriweather

Flora in Sleeping Beauty Garden

 Sleeping Beauty Garden

Merriweather in Sleeping Beauty Garden

The Giant Fish come first...
Giant Fish under the sea...
Bubble Fish 1

Bubble Fish 2

Bubble Fish 2 and 3

Bubble Fish 3

Must be URSULA...the part-octopus sea witch

the Little Mermaid!
Whirly Fish

Sea King and Ariel's father...KING TRITON
Fantasia Opening Unit with Spinning Hippo

Fantasia Opening Unit with Spinning Hippo

Fantasia Opening Unit with Spinning Hippo

Baracus Unit (Fountain with Ostrich's)

Diana Unit with Flying horses

Diana Unit with Flying horses

Diana Unit with Flying horses

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage!
Cinderella and her Prince...
Alice in Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat

Captain Hook

Snow White's Stepmother


Carousel with Jiminy Cricket

Carousel with Jiminy Cricket and Donald Duck

Carousel with Jiminy Cricket

Carousel with Jiminy Cricket

It was really a wonderful parade...people of all ages definitely experience joy just watching them pass by... Spectro Magic indeed!

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