Monday, December 10, 2012


Christmas is really in the air!

For this Christmas, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga proposed the Christmas Tree contest to all the departments in the hospital.

Suprisingly (or maybe not really since everyone is really dynamic!...), there were 22 groups around the hospital who made Christmas trees of varying materials and with varying concepts! Most of the meanings still boiled down to Love during Christmas as depicted by the Nativity... especially, love for family ... friends ... and community... and the Love of Christ!

Since pictures speak louder than words, here are collages of the Christmas Trees within CMZ for you to appreciate!

Ancillary Departments.
Cardio-Pulmo Section made of hose and tubings from their materials and decorated with big butterflies. 
Radiology Department using natural materials of bamboo, palm and coconut materials to depict things truly Filipino but also embellished with mixed palm fruits and modern decor to liven up the tree.
Laboratory using red top tubes to complete a whole pine tree effect

Administrative and Finance Departments.
Pharmacy calls this the Wealth Tree
Maintenance using cogon grass but with reindeers!

Linen uses the cloth tree
EDP using some keyboards, CDs and other computer related material
Laundry also using cloth to make a table top tree

Medical Records using the Excellence at 9 theme with our pictures including the Execom and Medical records staff pictures.

Billing/PhilHealth using paper (lots of paper in this place) and parasol-like in form
Accounting using paper (also lots of paper in their Department) through the art of origami

Some Close-ups: Medical Records, Accounting and Billing/PhilHealth

Nursing Areas.
ICU using cloth individually tied to fully cover the Christmas tree made of wires and hanged with Christmas messages and wishes from the staff.
Ward A:Surgical Ward using bottles wrapped with shiny green paper == the bottles are placed on top of each other with round glass for the base of each tire. 
OR-DR-NICU Complex: used plenty of readily available material plus using Coca-Cola Christmas Nativity plates, which is a collection of one of the nurses.

And OR also used black light and separated an area during judgment time for their tableau with angels and a reindeer.
A touching message during the presentation was that the "nurses and the staff are ANGELS IN DISGUISE!"

Ward A: Surgical Ward using bottles wrapped with shiny green paper
Nursing Service Office with three trees depicting the three main areas of Nursing, Ancilliary and Admin/Finance... and they had a Belen beside the Tree to remind the reason for the season. They used materials for packaging to wrap around the Christmas tree skeleton. 
Ward E: Medical Ward amazingly uses so many books (so many!) well piled on each other, which was the art in itself!

Ward F: Pedia Ward, with threads and wires intricately woven with classical loops and crystals looking very Parisian    
Ward G: General Ward  with Venetian masks very much related to their Masquerade ball... so exotic
ER with a four-cornered tree made of carton embedded with Talisay leaves sprayed with green pain. Hanging are pictures of the ER staff and complete with gifts at the base.

Some Close-ups on Ward A, Ward G, Ward F
The Winners.
Third Place: Central Supply Room
The Frosty Christmas Tree: every material in their tree has significance and meaning just like every material in the Central Supply.

Second Place: Ward C: OB/Gyn Ward
Christmas in Penumbra: notice the newspaper painted with silver without light and the colorful penumbra with the lights on! 

The details showed by cuttings show the Nativity in yellow light,  Three Kings in fuschia light, Simbang Gabi in green light and at the base, a black-and-white collage of Ciudad Medical activities in pictures.

First Place: Ward H: Medical Ward

Rainbow Christmas Tree
Made up of individual medicine vials individually wrapped with cellophane and inserted to a wire mesh formed to a tree. I heard the judges mention the craftsmanship and the workmanship and the effort exuded just by looking at the tree. The color combination of the spectrum is very attractive and happy!

So aren't you amazed?

We are definitely amazed with the transformation of the trees to Works of Art!
A simple Christmas tree can trigger brilliant and creative minds and in the hands of the talented CMZ staff turned to very beautiful objects of art and most of all,  creative symbols of Christmas.

What we weren't able to see was the cooperation among those who made the Christmas Trees ... all the collaboration... their extra efforts ... some physical "pains" ...  putting out of treasures ... checking out how the others were doing!

However, I am sure this strengthened the bond among the unit members and showed us the inner dynamic spirit of the teams!!!

Thank you to our Judges: No other than social columnist Mila Arrieta, international artist Rameer Tawasil, winning designer Erich Miñoza and Presty Fabian, the artistic friend from Zuellig. 

Again, thanks to all who participated one way or the other!

Go, CMZ! Excellence at 9!!!


  1. Winners really deserves to get their spots. Congratulations to teh winners.

  2. i am amazed! all christmas trees are lovely
    but i think my favorite is the 2nd placer, that penumbra tree was so creatively and intricately made

  3. Amazing! I'm just glad I'm not one of the judges because it would really be a big task to decide which ones should win. Personally, like Reese, I like the 2nd price winner, the Penumbra.

  4. Beautiful Christmas trees. You are all creative. I remember we had Parol making last year but now we will not having a contest :( Well anyway, congratulations to the winners!

    Mommy Maye

  5. I like the second prize winner too. The participants are so creative.

  6. Ang galing naman, po! Will visit CMZ and take a look at these wonderful trees. :)

  7. These trees are so amazing and the people who made them were super creative! It's fun being in a group and producing something so special.

  8. yay! I like the ward A and F and the second place! So amazing christmas trees! So resourceful :)

  9. The winning tree is truly amazing. All the trees are so nice though. Your staff are very creative!

  10. the trees are very beautiful. I like the 2nd placer most. :)

  11. That's amazing! I love that each tree is unique. Truly very festive! Very colorful and inspiring!

  12. The rainbow Christmas tree deserves the first place. I personally think that there was a lot of effort done by its creators to form a tree out of medicine vials.

  13. WOW! Ang gaganda ng trees! The winners are well deserved too. Na-miss ko rin yung contest ng bay/floor decoration kasi we don't have one this year sa office. Maybe it's not yet too late kahit sa mga teams lang namin. hehe :)

  14. So much time and effort has gone into them lovely trees.

  15. That was a lot of xmas trees! Happy holidays, everyone!

  16. Wow! Very creative, used their own resources to make lovely trees. Galing!

  17. Christmas na Christmas! Wow! I love the Christmas trees. Very innovative!

  18. Very lovely and creative individuals.. Congrats to the winner they deserve it.

  19. we Pinoys are creative talaga. nakakamiss ang Christmas sa Pinas. :-(

  20. looks like all the department put a lot of their creativity...congrats to the winners

  21. This really shows how creative people are. Now I maybe next year we'll get idea from these Christmas trees. hahaha.

  22. the first winner deserves to win, they really put a lot of effort of making their christmas tree..congrats..

  23. I'd have a hard time if I would be a judge in this contest. Very creative and resourceful! Especially the vials. Very meaningful.
    Visit from BCB

  24. Nice to see such creativity for Christmas trees! Even the busiest person in the hospital, may it be the doc, nurse or staff do really dedicate their time in making such Xmas decors and trees.

  25. Wow, thanks for sharing this, I already have an idea for a new Christmas tree that I'm going to put up next year. Those designs are really nice and unique. Thanks for this post. I got the chance to feel the Christmas spirit away from home.

  26. I find it amazing looking at the different Christmas tree. I can feel the spirit of Christmas now. :)

  27. Very artistic and lovely trees! The hospital is really filled with Christmas joy!

  28. You have creative co-workers. If I were the judge, I think I will have a hard time choosing which one is best.

  29. Cool! This is such a great idea, and it makes the hospital atmosphere more positive. :) Good show!

  30. very good and very creative... the winner deserve to win, its awesome..

  31. Interesting! All looks different and unique but special I bet as well. :-)

  32. Filipinos are really very resourceful and creative. All the Christmas trees are impressive!

  33. All of a sudden, I remember that I should have posted photos of the Giant Lantern Festival here but since my old camera is dying right in front of my eyes, I can't blog well anymore. :/

  34. wow! these are great. i now have an idea for my xmas tree next year :)

  35. Grabe saya! I feel really proud to be a Pinoy. Very creative talaga.

    CE 12/11

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