Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Zamboanga City Hall is a real historical landmark of Zamboanga City considering that it is already a century old.
Zamboanga City Hall - The construction of this building started in 1905 and was completed in 1907 by the Federal Government of the United States for the then American Governors of the area which included: Leonard 0. Wood, Tasker H. Bliss, Ralph W. Hoyt, and Gen. John Pershing of World War I fame. Today, this serves as the City Hall of Zamboanga City where the Mayor holds office.
in 2011
in June 2009

The Zamboanga City Hall is a focal point of the City and during the Christmas season
...because of the festive air with all the beautiful lights of the City hall itself and also in the adjacent plazas.
...this is an update of these previous links which I thought I should do to complete the comparisons through the years...  

Just wanted to capture the perfect moment with less than perfect shots...

The Zamboanga City Hall is now more colorful this Christmas.

Embellishing the century-old City Hall has improved a lot over the years... the lights are brighter and the colors more varied.
They may have spent more, but I think they also made a lot of people happier -- young and old... from ZC and visitors, too.

There is snow in Zamboanga City!
The lights really attracted everyone...and these white flakes you see are not artifacts/specks of the picture but "snow".
How everyone wanted to see the "snow"!
And young and old alike were just excited about it.
Yippeeee!!! We it here!


And the surrounding plazas were also brightly adorned with the neon-lit Plaza Pershing and the meaningful Belen in Plaza Rizal.

The entrance to Plaza Pershing and the gazebo all add up to the Christmas-y air!
And of course, the giant Christmas tree inside!
the brightly lit gazebo in Plaza Pershing
The Nativity Scene in Plaza Rizal is also as attractive and eye-catching! 
the tableau of the nativity in Plaza Rizal near ZC City Hall

A friend commented, that he didn't see this in Cebu that the Zamboanga City Hall area was so beautifully lighted for Christmas.

I posted about our century-old City Hall separately last year with this link:  

And the adjacent plazas were also brightly adorned with the neon-lit Plaza Pershing and the meaningful Belen in Plaza Rizal.

I just had a glimpse of the Zamboanga City Hall this year!  They just lighted the ZC City Hall together with the other parks just a few days ago!
Everyone again drives around the area or strolls around, of course, for all the photo opportunities!

And a glimpse of the neighboring Plaza Pershing...

We still have to stroll around our parks and have a closer view of the lights and the Belen in Plaza Rizal...

And also move on to the Christmas tree in Paseo Del Mar...

Since ZC is a smaller city, we are so happy to see Christmas in the air in the heart of our City every year!!!. 


  1. this is so wonderful.. every year they have different decoration.. i hope zamboanga is just a jeep ride away from manila..

  2. Wow, sis! I love the pictures in every post you make. You are doing your locality a big help :) posts like this one attract readers to visit your place. Keep it up, sissy :)

    1. Thanks, Terry! I hope they check on this blog, too!

  3. This kind of heritage should really be preserve even just for the sake of history and memory. I always feel nostalgic whenever I see old-made buildings. That is the reason why I like Intramuros ;)

    Your photos are good memorabilia too :) You witnessed and captured the progress of your city hall. :)

  4. It's amazing how you were able to capture the transformation of your city hall! When I see Christmas lights nicely decorated, I get excited and your photos are very pretty!

  5. Zamboanga is a good place to visit. More fun to stay in the Philippines :)

    CE 12/4

  6. i like to see old historical buildings like this one you post
    thanks for sharing

  7. Husband is from Zambo. I went there when we were just bf-gf pa cute then. haha! I love Alavar's curacha! not too expensive pero first class ang service at food

  8. Wow, super ganda. The whole place is covered with lights, it looks so festive. This is really a must visit spot in Zamboanga during the holidays.

  9. Wow! That's pretty amazing! You will really feel the spirit of Christmas if ganyan ang place. :)

  10. your city hall looks A-mazing!!! im sure the kids love the sight.

  11. The BEST City Hall I've ever seen. I missed Zambaonga City so much!

  12. Those are a lot of lights! It's great to wander there at night, I'll bet!

  13. Wow!!! It's great that you were able to document how the City Hall looked liked since Christmas 2000. It really did improve a lot! Plus, we have the dancing fountains now. Can't wait to go home! :D

  14. I haven't seen yet how our city hall has been bedecked this year. I believe though that it isn't as wonderfully decorated as your city hall. The children must really love going out at night to take a look at the festive lights.

  15. Wow, you photo-documented it really well. I wish our city hall is like that too, alive and really having this kind of Christmas touch and spirit.

  16. Thanks a lot! I really love to document and glad to find the old pictures. Everyone esp. the kids love the lights and even the older ones love the photo ops

  17. wow.. I actually do not know what to say.. its magnificent.. I will surely visit the place if I am only an hour away.. kudos to you as well for documenting the improvement each year...

  18. Ang ganda! Philippines is really the best place to celebrate Christmas.

    I love how you captured the City hall lights every year. It is like being in Zamboanga, too!

  19. Ang galing! It's like a tradition na for you to document each year. Christmas na Christmas ang dating, buhay na buhay!

  20. Those are beautifully captured Christmas decor development of your City Hall! It's an attraction by itself! Galing!

  21. Awesome snaps of Zamboanga City's City hall. Cavacanos are really talented and creative Pinoys. :) I just do hope that the city government used the Christmas lights they have been using in the past years. :) Saving and recycling must be observed too even in festivities.

  22. Beautiful! It's really fun to stroll in lighted parks and other public places these days because of the Christmas season.

  23. I would love to visit there someday on Christmas season! I bet the children love the colorful lights and decorations

  24. Wonderful lights display, it looks better and better every year! I bet it's become tradition for many families to visit one night and just enjoy the sight and maybe eat some street food too while hanging out. I know I'd do that :)

  25. It must be a joy just passing there every night. Ang ganda!