Sunday, February 24, 2013


As amazed as I was of the graffiti in Paris, I was still really wondering why there was such tolerance for this "vandalism".

Of course, at that time, nobody could really answer me and it was only with the Net where there were articles which share that this is considered Art in some countries.

After Paris and Zurich, we went to Rome and again, here I see the said "vandalism" in the train stations of Rome.
This time, my friend Emie said that this was acceptable in Rome because it is an Art form and people cannot be caught because of this! 
I am sure there were controversies regarding this.

So I would like to share the Graffiti Art that I saw in the subway at Appiano Train Station in Rome...

We were going to the Gemelli Hospital and used the train to bring us there...
As we enter the Appiano Station
If all the walls of the Appiano were painted this way, then, this must be an official thing....
looks like monsters!!!

I have read in some hotel reviews that some of the travelers are bothered by the graffiti in the walls of the Roman Train station!  

I am convinced this is an official thing because there is the uniform yellow background...

At the stairways...

at the escalators...

 And at the walls down the subway...
 And more interestingly, at the train walls!
Note the traditional graffiti fonts...

So Fred really had to make his mark... 

What can you say?

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P.S. I looked up some blogs and found one who also talked about graffiti in Rome and here it is:


  1. I'm familiar with Graffiti Art and how it once dominated the NY transport system too. It went through a period when people hated it and got into trouble, and then it became respectable art. We don't have as much on the trains anymore but they are in galleries and on walls. :-)

  2. Maybe because instead of the unsightly vandalism, they turned it into acceptable graffiti so it's an art of some sort and would maybe deter true vandalism. I don't really know. But the monster-fied animals are a bit scary.

  3. I share Cym's thoughts. By itself, a grafitti is a form of art, too. And if the vandal is aesthetically relevant, it can be allowed. :D

  4. I think is an underpass in EDSA with 'graffiti' by Save the Philippine Seas. I love color graffiti.

  5. I think this is how they deal with people who loves to vandalize. So instead of going after them all time make it legal, and let this so called artist express their arts.

  6. If vandalism should be in this form then I think it would be so fun to see it on the street walls rather than those gibberish, nonsense writings. :-)

  7. I think those in the walls and train are legal and known by authotiries but those on the walls of the train station, that is what we call vandalism.

  8. Maybe not all graffiti are equal? Hehe. Just like other forms of art, there is beauty in them, but maybe not everyone can appreciate it. :)

  9. Graffiti are everywhere. If they will do it here, naku vandalism na yan.

    Mommy Maye2

  10. i like graffiti done by social realists, wherein graffiti is used to keep the public raise awareness to the people's issues

  11. i agree, you can somewhat find beauty in some graffiti. but i guess not all. errr, i find the one in the escalator pic a little disturbing though. hihi. :-)