Tuesday, February 12, 2013


As I mentioned, my grandfather on my Mom's side was already in the photography business and during the 40s and 50s, he already had a Studio in Cebu and usually gets the Studio Portrait shots, Family pictures and of course, Class Pictures! Don't forget... they also had the great talent of retouching!
My cousin, Janice R. had this in her archives...
 Sanson Studio actually started in 1927
It started off with the Black and White photographs and Sepia, too before it evolved to the Color pictures we are now used to.
Black -and- white
from my cousin, Joel Oporto: "colored" black-and-white,
sepia and black-and-white 
I guess, we have mixed feelings when we go over our Class Pictures. We laugh at how we look... we ask ourselves where our classmates are now... and wonder how they would look too.

These pictures were mostly taken by professional photographers, but some are not so well copied from the original.

When we were kids, we usually had a very formal Class picture usually on the stairs to make sure everyone is seen. But, when I went over an even older picture, I realized we also had a lawn shot when we were still in Prep!
in late 60s, together with Sr. Amandina
I just cropped the picture to see myself better and I must have been a "favorite" because I am closest to Sr. Amandina (lol)!
late 1960s: With Sr. Amandina, our very dear Belgian nun
 in St. Theresa's College 
mid 1970s: UPCC II-Palma: still black and white and standing on the steps
late 1970s: UPCC III-Singco: colored and no longer on the steps...
interesting that we now have a twist to our class pictures!
In retrospect, we also had a lawn shot in Prep!

early 1980s: University of San Carlos: colored but I wasn't able to scan this from the original photo... but this is a less formal graduation class picture!
mid 1980s: Cebu Doctors' College of Medicine: colored and see how behaved we were... but they still followed the traditional Class picture with us on the steps

mid 1980s: CDCM: colored and formal, now with cap

in the mid 1990s: University of Sto. Tomas Hospital: Department picture 

And of course, class pictures become important after 25 years, when we start comparing...
even Cebu Doctors' is now a University!!! 
I thought that Class Pictures were a thing of the past.
However, these days, it is still customary to get a formal class picture but there has to be several wacky shots after!
In 2012: ADZU IV-Pignatelli... I realized the class (my son's class) had formal pictures, too since Jr. Prep up to Fourth Year HS. 
I also had a chance to be a Philippine Delegate to the Friendship Program for the 21st Century in the late 1980s.
Formal Picture in Barong Tagalog in the late 1980s in Tokyo, Japan (scanned from film)

And in our less formal group photos! in Hakone, Japan
 (scanned from film)
As Delegate to the AJAFA (Asean Japan Alumni Friendship Association) in the early 1990s in Malaysia (scanned from film)
early 1990s: less formal AJAFA-21 photo in Malaysia 
(scanned from film)
2007: less formal AJAFA-21 photo in Bulacan, Philippines 

2007: my son had the chance to join the AJAFA-21 delegates,
with Mohan and Rahman, part of our original friends
from about 15 years ago!

Here are more informal group shots...
early 1980s: USC: the color of the photo has become reddish as the effect of acid on old photos... therefore, the term ACID-FREE albums to keep the pictures from fading or becoming red... 
early 1980s: University of San Carlos Talamban: colored and more relaxed pose = = better picture quality (film) then now scanned
mid 1980s: Cebu Doctors' College of Medicine: just a swim break
And when we graduated or for yearbooks, it had to be the retouched black-and-white photo! But, when I looked through my pictures, I also had colored pictures for the yearbook, too.
late 1970s
early 1980s: now colored
late 1980s: back to black and white
late 1980s: still black and white
These days, Graduation pictures have leveled up and I have heard that aside from the portrait shots, there are also fantasy shots or glamour shots!

You must be wondering why I still have all these pictures. Again, I am a "CHRONICLER" as my Junior, Kaye R. De B. said. I am into documentation rather than the artist-photographer! 

PHOTOGRAPHY has leveled up to a higher level of SCIENCE and ART... and COMMUNICATION!!! 

These photos have shared a lot on how we have journeyed in life...
And will further document whatever we will discover in the years ahead.

But, I guess at the end of this blog, one of the things you would ponder about is...
How old must I be? (You don't need to answer...)


  1. Those are interesting photos. I also used to wonder why the photos from before were reddish. I also read somewhere that the colored pictures were colored by the photographer, and not necessarily according to the true color of the person's clothes.

    1. Yes, reddish because of the acid. Colored pictures were tinted/"painted" by the photographer thus, the color of the dresses. My aunt used to paint the cheeks and lips just like putting on make-up on the picture!

  2. Lovely class photos. They really bring back lots of memories. My kids too do take class photos from Prep onwards. They make really cool momentos for them.

  3. Ganda! I wish we also had many of our old pictures at home to bring back good memories. :-)

  4. Wow Ms Pinay, you kept them well. Un mga photos ko nun di ko na alam kung nasaan na ngayon. Hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  5. I had so much fun walking down memory lane with you... Such great photos and memories. You are a great chronicler! :-)

  6. So many memories that I bet you have had over the years, I know I have had many memories from my school days and when we have reunions it is always good to catch up with everyone

  7. Wow! That's a long line photograph fanatics right there. You must really enjoy taking shots. I'm not learned about taking photos, but I appreciate it a good picture when I see one.

  8. cool. i like the late 1960's, ung pababa.. haha.. it's so cool! good thing you still have them..

  9. You can really see how photos evolved. also you can see the fashion trends from 60s to 90s... Good thing you still kept those old photos.

  10. It is so nice that you were able to keep your old photos, especially the class pictures.

  11. great shots, enjoyed seeing your old pictures

  12. thanks for sharing your class pictures, i wonder where are mine? haha i hope it is still complete somewhere in our house.

  13. I hope I could get serious with photography some time later. My favorite subjects are nature scenes and portraits. It's just that I don't travel much these days so I get to see the same mundane things hehehe.

  14. when I was a child, I used to look for my mother's pictures. If someone is not familiar with me, I will ask her, who's this?.Aside from this, I make it a point to read the dedication at the back of the picture.

  15. I have seen pictures na kinulayan, but that adds to the appeal of old photographs. Doc, I read somewhere that you said you were a golden girl! I seriously thought you were in your late 30s!

    1. Thanks so much, Marie... kaya nga with all the pictures and when you add up the years, it turns out golden!

  16. Doc, why did you decide to live in Davao now? (just curious :p)

    Photos have really evolved these days! I still prefer viewing the "jurrasic" ones. I am also amazed at how fashionable the people then were and how meticulous they were with their hairstyles. Ang galing nyo! You still have all these collated :)

    1. My family is from Cebu City but my husband's family is from Zamboanga so I followed him to Zamboanga City. After his US fellowship, I could see how excited he was to go home. He really wanted to practice Ortho. Surgery in ZC and it was okay with me, too!

      My Mom put all the old black and white photos in scrapbooks as photo albums and I took photos of each with a DSLR! My mom is so organized!

    2. Oh, your hubby's an ortho! He might know Dr Castro from POC? He was my orthopedist. My T12 & L1 was fractured & dislocated due to VA. If you're in Manila please let me know. I'd be delighted to meet you :)

  17. I'm amazed how you were able to take care of all those pictures, Doc. It's really nice to recall the past and pictures can make things easier for us. :)

  18. wow...what a collection....i love black and white photos and sepias.

  19. Wow Doc! You still have those photos? they are priceless.. :)

  20. Pretty graduation pictures! I have my mom's old B&W photos that were "colored". I guess that was how they retouched before. May photoshop na ngayon. :D

  21. I love the old black and whites. I noticed in my friends' prep class pictures and mine, our teachers, the sisters were mostly Spanish pa.

  22. i love looking at black and white photos.

  23. I was entertained looking at the old photos. It has evolved big time. Old class pictures make me smile:) and oh, i did not really wonder how old you are,:) kidding! Thank you for this photostory!

  24. Old photos always make me feel nostalgic, especially class photos.

  25. wow! what a collection you got there. nice!

  26. i'm sure these mementos amass great memories of your family
    i also like looking old photos, masarap i-ponder and past

  27. I enjoy looking a old photos, and I get inspired by how simple life was yet how fulfilling! :) You're living a good life, sis. God bless you more! :)

  28. Nyah! I remembered my mom! Recently she told my boyfriend to scan some photos of hers and her friends like years ago pa ang photos. :) Feels good to reminisce noh? Lalo na if you have good memories with the one in the photos. :)