Saturday, February 9, 2013


One of our observations in the Layag-Layag Yellow Boat Community is that we notice presence of trade within.

I would just like to share these images with you...

They also have sari-sari stores in the village. I saw two of them.
This is the bigger store...
their convenience store with soft drinks and many other needs...
The other store...

see what are needed in the community...
They now have the buying capacity... 

There are also visiting stores selling fruits...
Photo Credit: Doc Anton Lim 
Photo Credit: Doc Anton Lim

We hope their own livelihood will really prosper.
They shared that they really hope for a good seaweed harvest.

What do they really spend for?

They need the income for the schooling of the children in Talon-Talon... by the way, even public schools are not free!
They also buy fish, chicken, beef at the Public Market in Talon-Talon and do some shopping at malls in Zamboanga City.
I even kiddingly said. "No wonder you are also wearing jerseys!" and he laughed.
The stores within the village are also for immediate needs and some things they may actually fancy.
They also said, that they keep a part for savings.

It is very interesting to see this activity within the Layag-Layag Village.
Though, not the usual village we know, we can see their needs and wants somehow also may be similar to ours!


  1. Culture is really interesting! This will make for a good study, by the way. Something like, how does this business model differ from those inland. :)

  2. Just wondering how does the prices goes for them? I'm sure they need to add up to compensate transporting the goodies.


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