Thursday, February 9, 2012

IMAGES OF HK: KAM TIN circa 2011

This must be one of the most unusual places to go to for tourists, but since I was up for some place new, I went with my brother to Kam Tin to check out some surplus and car parts. 

We went to the Kam Sheung Road Station in Kam Tin.

Then, we rode a bus to Kam Tin proper but since we went down as soon as we saw some used Mercedes Benz, we got lost of the orientation.

But, we passed by several shops anyway...

The December air was cool so a long stroll in the area was a welcome change. We took the long stroll trying to find the place they were looking for...

The stores in the area were small. And we passed by the town bakery.

Have you seen this?

This is very low set because the buildings in the place were small. These are the bamboo stands they build whenever there are constructions and not only for the small buildings!... We see a lot of these even with the tall skyscrapers throughout HongKong!

Then, we found the place we intended to go to in Kam Tin. My brother said, the place has changed a lot since he started going there about 12 years ago. There are now wide roads with roundabouts! 

Along the road we see these... and these still look good!

Here is the place we were looking for!

I asked if they had Land Cruiser surplus parts, and the guy smiled and said that the Land Cruiser types of SUVs like the Prado, are actually too "strong" and large for HongKong roads.

My brother was so comfortable going around the maze of junk and I, too, tried to go around! I found the Rolls Royce...

And the Benz's and Ferraris.. who had seen better days!

I know my family would love to see all these surplus cars, too, and see "diamonds" within these rubble! That's why I was really tempted to come here, too!

We went to the adjacent shop...

At least, we are off with something! Indeed, not a loss coming over here!

There are still lots of good cars here, but the people in HongKong prefer their cars to be in tiptop condition.

Most of the buyers who come over here are those from other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand.
Accordingly, the prices now have jacked up somewhat from the previous times my brother came over.

This is another shop which we didn't get into. The Range Rover caught my eye and so I tested the zoom of my new Nikon Coolpix P300...

Then, we went back to the first surplus store we went to. I took these shots, although, of course, I couldn't read it! Again, I was just testing the zoom of my new Nikon Coolpix P300...

This was when I found out that my brothers started coming over here about 12 years ago and the guy who owns the shop said he just opened it then.
Here are more images in the area...

And now, it is dusk...and I am now trying the f/1.8 lens in low light!

I guess, we really did not go to Kam Tin Town but just to the Kam Tin shops! Anyway, that is what we went there for!!! It was not an easy place to go to!

On the way back, here are just a few more shots...

too in a hurry because they were leaving me...
so now the camera shake without the flash...too dark now!

a monument in the Park we passed by...

So back to reality and back to the HongKong that we know!

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