Sunday, February 12, 2012


Actually, Hang Heung's Kitchen is just HongKong fastfood within the Food Court in Citygate Outlet Mall in Tung Chung, but I'll feature it anyway.

This is the Food Republic Food Court in Tung Chung!

We were quite confused since there were many stalls within the food court! But, it was decided that we sit in a cozy corner where Hang Heung's Kitchen is located.

We had an idea that this place would have Cantonese barbecued pork, chicken and goose as their specialty. 

It was a nice place since it was a bit elevated and we could see more of the food court area.

And here is our food...

got Hong Kong style Milk Tea for myself 
Soya Chicken

Cantonese barbecued pork

and of course, the Chinese vegetables!

The interesting part that I noted in this restaurant was the drawer beneath our table, where the chopsticks and other utensils and table napkins were placed...first time to see this!
I guess for me, the important part of the meal is not just the food itself but the company sharing the food!

It was a nice food court restaurant and I liked the milk tea!!!

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