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Tung Chung is now a well known shopper's paradise in present day HongKong. 
This is a bit about Tung Chung from Wikipedia:
Tung Chung, meaning 'eastern stream', is an area situated on the north-western coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Tung Chung, currently one of the latest generation of new towns, was formerly a rural village around Tung Chung Wan, and along the delta and lower courses of Tung Chung River and Ma Wan Chung in the north-western coast of Lantau Island. The area was once a major defense stronghold[citation needed] against pirates and foreign military during Ming and Qingdynasties.[citation needed]
Developed as part of the Airport Core Programme,[1] the North Lantau New Town is the first new town on an outlying island of Hong Kong, with the first phases built on reclaimed land to the north, east and northeast of the original Tung Chung Town.

Tung Chung is in the New Territorities and when before it seemed so inaccessible, now it is one of the places the Hong Kong tourists flock to = = especially if you are there for shopping!
The MTRs have really made this area much closer and Tung Chung is easy to remember because it is where the airport is located... it is just a stop away from HongKong Disneyland... and it is where the Citygate Outlet Mall are all located.

Tung Chung MTR.
from Wikipedia:Tung Chung is a railway station on the Tung Chung Line of the MTR rapid transport system in Hong Kong. The western end of the Tung Chung Line, it is also a transfer point of those wishing to use the Ngong Ping Cable Car. As with all other MTR stations, Tung Chung has a unique colour scheme used throughout the station, in this case lavender.

Citygate grounds. (outside the mall)
the Citygate Mall as seen from outside and looks like a grand hotel!

the foodcourt, FOOD REPUBLIC, as seen from outside

the MTR entrance in the background

Citygate Outlet Mall.
from Wikipedia:Citygate Outlets is at the heart of this new town, developed in conjunction with the Tung Chung MTR Station and bus terminus, thus providing a focal point to the town. Citygate, developed in the glass and steel style of the Hong Kong International Airport, contains 500,000 square feet (46,000 m²) of shopping, entertainment, and food outlets spread across five floors. A square outside the mall contains a special fountain which performs a musical show regularly.

there are lots of sporting good and shoes in the area and of course, clothes shops...

the Citygate Mall is closing and we are still here...

I guess a bit carried away in "window shopping" at the outlet side of the Mall so I didn't get shots of the famous shops there.

Decorations in Citygate.

Food Republic within Citygate Mall.

Condominiums in Tung Chung.
from Wikipedia: Tung Chung Crescent is the MTR Tung Chung Station Development Package One together with Seaview Crescent and Citygate. It is the first private residential estate completed in Tung Chung. It is jointly developed by five local developers including Hang Lung Development Co. Ltd., Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.New World Development Co. Ltd.Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.Swire Properties and with the MTR Corporation.

Walkway from Citygate to the condominiums 

the condominiums are so grand in the outside

see the massive pillars and all so tiled stylishly...

Tung Chung is a very urban and cosmopolitan place!!! A great change from the old town which was once a major defense stronghold.

From Tung Chung, one can proceed to the other Lantau historic sites. 
Tung Chung serves as the gateway for those wishing to explore Ngong Ping's Big Buddha, the world's largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue; and Po Lin Monastery
But I still have to visit these places.... maybe soon.....

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