Monday, February 27, 2012


On the eve of the 75th Dia De Zamboanga, which is Zamboanga's Chartered Day, my family decided at the spur of the moment to have a "paseo" or a stroll at the Paseo Del Mar, and saw some friends there. 

We were looking for a place to eat, then we saw the sign "Fireworks at 10:00 p.m." 
We decided to watch the fireworks, too!

We waited for the fireworks. But, we had to wait for the Mayor and his party for the countdown. But, they still came from another activity at the Fort Pilar Museum...

Others waited by the restaurants and the others stayed at the Plaza.

It was about 10:50 p.m. before the fireworks display started.

Here are some of the photos I got, but don't expect anything spectacular since I just had my Nikon P300 compact camera and no tripod at all. 
I didn't expect this stroll at all so no DSLRs with me!

Even then, I was happy with some of these even if they were taken hand-held!

notice that the fireworks came from the construction area covered by galvanized iron... the future site of the Zamboanga City dancing fountain 

the construction area covered by galvanized iron at one end of the Plaza... the future site of the second and larger Zamboanga City dancing fountain  

Well, I still enjoyed it considering that I watched the Pyrotechnic Competition at the SM Mall of Asia, about two weeks ago!!!
No music yet to go with the fireworks... but maybe in the future!

I guess what is important is the the effort of the community to put it up and appreciate the symbol of celebration it signifies!!!

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