Sunday, October 7, 2012


I again picked this up from the Wikipedia just for more information about the Fiesta Pilar, but it is more formally called the Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival:
The Hermosa Festival also known as Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival or popularly known as Fiesta Pilar a month-long festival held each year in the city of Zamboanga, the city center of Zamboanga Peninsula Region in the Philippines. It is one of the Oldest Festival in the Country and the most awaited Event in the Region.
The Festival is being held in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pillar (Spanish and Chavacano:Nuestra Señora del Pilar), the patroness of Zamboanga City which is held in every 12 October. It is also the patroness of Zaragoza in Spain, the sister city of Zamboanga in Philippines.
In fact, if I check out Fiesta Pilar in Wikipedia but this also points to the Fiestas Del Pilar:
Fiestas del Pilar are an annual festival celebrated in the city of Zaragoza (Spain) in honour of the patron saint of the city, the Virgen del Pilar (Virgin Mary of the Pilar). They take place the week of the 12th of October. Usually, the festival starts the weekend before the 12th, and lasts until the following Sunday, so they last about ten days.
To kick-off the Fiesta Pilar is the Regatta de Vinta or the Regatta de Zamboanga, the race of the vintas.
From Wikipedia, here are some information about Vintas:
The vinta (locally known as lepa-lepa or sakayan) is a traditional boat found in the Philippine island of Mindanao. These boats are made by Bajau and Moros living in the Sulu ArchipelagoZamboanga peninsula, and southern Mindanao. It has a sail with assorted vertical colors that represents the colorful culture and history of the Muslim community. These boats are used for inter-island transport of people and goods. Zamboanga City is known for these vessels.
So here are some scenes I captured from the end part of the Regatta de Zamboanga 2012. 

Vintas on shore.

Vintas on sea.

No More Sails. This was at the end of the race, when the participants rolled their colorful masts and sailed away!

Off we go... I saw these boats tied to a rope

Celso and Beng and Friends on the Vintas.


see the Carmelite Monastery along R.T. Lim Boulevard (the green church)

Miscellaneous scenes.

kids continue to swim and play at the beach

After care.
Cleaning up after the festivities
Coast guards also keep their rubber boats

After the Regatta.


Thanks to my family who came with me just to view the Regatta de Zamboanga!!!

Viva Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2012!!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun,, thanks for sharing the photos.. visiting from ComEx Oct9

  2. late na kayo nakapunta doc noh? :-) cant wait to post my regatta photos too!!! di ko alam uunahin hihihih regatta or paobday! haha :D

  3. So colorful! Wish I can have the experience with my family! thanks for sharing! from CE Oct 9

  4. love the pics...
    love those colorful vintas
    happy fiesta!

  5. Nice photos and I love those vintas. So colorful. Thank you for sharing! I hope to go to Zamboanga one day.

  6. I missed ridding on a boat.This reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for sharing... visiting from ComEx Oct9

  7. Oh those colors! I was once in Zamboanga City for work and I didn't see a single vinta. I have been thinking about going back for a vacation, and maybe it would be good to be there during this fiesta. thanks for sharing all these photos! :)

  8. love the photos! i wanna sail a vinta someday...

  9. Lovely photos.Ganda talaga ng Pilipinas! Visiting from CommEx Oct9.

  10. Such colorful vintas. Really nice. And a month-long celebration? That is something. :-)

  11. When I was a grader student, I have always found the vintas interesting. From your pictures, it really looks beautiful and very colorful. You are lucky to witness the festivity. :-)

  12. looks like fun, I would love to go there someday ^ ^,

  13. so colorful! i wish zamboanga is around the corner lang, so i can experience this kind of event..

  14. Lovely colorful vintas :) looks like I'm looking at postcards. Everyone looks having fun.

  15. Lovely vintas. I love all the colors. Looks like everybody is having loads of fun! Nice photos!

  16. So colorful! I hopemakasakay ako sa vinta one day. Gusto kong magbakasyon!!! Beautiful post!

  17. Wow! Haven't been really out of Luzon. These pics are nice.

  18. I missed this event! Happy Fiesta Zamboanga City! :)

  19. Happy Fiesta. My son's yaya is also from zamboanga del norte.
    -daddy allan (BCB 10/09)

  20. Liked the photos especially those vintas. Colorful and enticing to ride. hope to ride one of those in the coming years.