Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well, one of the eye-catching sights in Zamboanga City is the Paseo Del Mar Fountain, which was opened last March 20, 2012. 

This was one of the local news that I gathered about the "new" fountain.

Monday, March 19, 2012
Mayor leads soft opening of new fountain
THE much-awaited musically gyrating fountain at the Paseo del Mar will have its soft opening on Tuesday night, providing residents and visitors with an alternative attraction site.
Mayor Celso Lobregat will spearhead the event which will coincide with his 64th birthday celebration.
Archbishop Romulo Valles will officiate the blessing of the facility.
The Paseo del Mar musically gyrating fountain is one of the three fountain projects of the City Government in line with its strengthened tourism promotion campaign.
The laminar shooting jets fountain, established at the Jardin Maria Clara at Pasonanca park, was unveiled last September 26 and the multi-patterned fountain at the Plaza Pershing was inaugurated with Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez as guest of honor last October 11.
For several nights the past weeks, the Paseo del Mar fountain has been put to test run, attracting hundreds of people visiting the park.
Most of them expressed awe and admiration to the facility and are grateful that the City Government has initiated such project.
Lobregat said the new fountain forms part of the city’s massive infrastructure projects that covers diverse areas, including education, health, barangay affairs, peace and public safety, tourism, among others.
Other projects now being initiated by the city include the construction of the multi-purpose exhibit building, expansion of parking space, and the soon-to-be-constructed natural aquarium. (Bong Garcia)

Last November, I talked about the fountain at the Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat with this link:
Last Christmas, I also showed the second fountain in Plaza Pershing, Zamboanga City with this link:
Paseo Del Mar Fountain is the third and largest fountain which entertains Zamboanga City locals and guests. 
I really love watching this musically gyrating fountain set on one side of a huge sprawling park, Paseo Del Mar and want to share this with you.

Schedule of the Dancing Fountain is at 5:45 p.m. then 7:00 p.m. then 9:00 p.m. Please check this out at the Paseo Del Mar gate.

During the Fiesta, special holidays and when there are delegates and special visitors of Zamboanga City, there is a 10 p.m. show!
Fire power!
Aside from music and the dancing fountain, it also has fire effects and laser lights.

Photo opportunities abound when the Fountain starts gyrating to the Chavacano tunes as well as classic songs and newer English or OPM tunes.

laser lights!
Always pass by the Paseo Del Mar Fountain when visiting Zamboanga City!!!


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