Saturday, October 6, 2012


"Vamos a Zamboanga" welcomes Zamboanga City locals and visitors as we arrive at the Zamboanga City International Airport this Fiesta Pilar 2012 season.

I was actually expecting the Chavacano dances as I arrived at the Zamboanga City airport tonight. Before I arrived at the gates, I knew I would be disappointed if they were not there and with some doubt because it was already nighttime.

Gladly, I heard the music and saw the dancers sway to the "Vamos a Zamboanga" (by Norma Camins-Conti) and "Chabacano" (by Bobit Navarro) tunes. No need to say, I had to click away!!!
The dancers started the Chavacano dances at the airport last October 4 and this will go on until Fiesta Pilar. Officially, I really don't know when this will end.

The group of dancers for this three days, October 4 to 6 come from the La Cultura Dance Troupe of the Don Pablo Lorenzo High School here in Zamboanga City, with Mr. Edgar Austero as their choreographer.

The dancers are now fourth year high school students. I could say they are a good example of Chavacano beauty and enthusiasm of youth.

In the next days, other Zamboanga High School dance troupes will take turns welcoming the Zamboanga locals and visitors through dance. 

I am sure the guests coming into Zamboanga City are very pleased with their presence and their Chavacano costumes and dances... a great mirror of Zamboanga's Hispanic past!


  1. thank you mam for the wonderful post im one of the dancers :) tnx mam

  2. I hope you can share it too with other alumni from Don Pablo Lorenzo High School. I told the kids I will blog it but I don't know if they could really read this and the next post!

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