Friday, November 4, 2011


When we went to the Jardin Maria Clara, we didn't go there for this event, but the day before I saw an Ad in Facebook.
In one of the runner's sites, they invited interested parties to join and this is how the invitation went.

Join this Halloween Costume Fun Run for Kids and Adults happening in Zamboanga City on October 29, 2011 brought to you by the Zamboanga Runner’s Club! Details Here!

Hermosa Festival Halloween Fun Run 2011
October 29, 2011 @ 5PM
Zamboanga City

Registration Fee:
PHP 100 – For Both Categories
  • For 1.2K – Parent/Guardian are required to register as well
  • Includes Race Kits and Loot Bags for Kids

To find out later, a friend from the Zamboanga Runners' Club actually invited one of my staff but somehow, she didn't think of joining that time.

Although, our itinerary was the Aviary and Butterfly Garden, our eyes were caught by the very interesting costumes, mostly worn by the kids as they were gathered around the stage at the Jardin Maria Clara.

So, we really came closer to the stage to watch part of the festivities.
Here are images taken by an enthusiastic bystander... me!!!
in front of the stage at the Jardin Maria Clara 
Orientation, instructions and later warm-ups were done in this area.

Little witches, skeletons, ghouls, mummies and other horror creatures attended the Fun Run.

Instructions were done to the kids and also to the adults. Most of the adult attendees were soldiers and policemen in their Type B uniform.

Preparations and Final instructions for the KIDS' 1.2 KM RUN.

Course of the 1.2 K Kids' Run
Everyone is getting excited...the little runners and their guardians!!!

The onlookers are enjoying the activities...

The 1.2 K Kids' Run is now ready to go...

And when they came back, they also receive a snack pack. 
Many of the little kids are now carried by their guardians.

And here are some of the members of the Zamboanga Runners' Club

The 5K Sunset Run participants are waiting for the 1.2K Kids' Run runners to come back.

And we also see fairy type characters among the adults.

So the 5K Sunset Run participants are getting the final instructions.


And here we are, the happy onlookers because we have a highlight to our day in the Jardin Maria Clara.

at the Starting Line...

ready to shoot....
Here we go...

And the runners are excited to go...

There are lots of runners who joined in.

And of course, the glittery fairies...

Then, we go back inside the Jardin Maria Clara and approach the stalls - the registration booth, foodstalls, photobooth and others.

Of course, we are looking for the food stalls!!!

Here are some of the runners...

These are the ghouls and ghosts at the Park 88, all lined up as the 1.2K and 5K runners pass by.

And this runner doesn't have any number ! ...
oops, she is the other photographer!!!

and they are now tired?!?

Runners go on...

But sorry... I wasn't able to document the winners....

Activities go on until evening!

Smile from the doctors, who also happen to be members of the Zamboanga Runners' Club.
love the headlights!

After watching the Zamboanga Hermosa Fun Run 2011 and strolling around the Jardin Maria Clara, we found our nook and ate and drank (soda and water lang!) and relaxed!!!

The Zamboanga Hermosa Halloween Run 2011 added excitement to our stroll in the parks!
Lucky us!!!


  1. hi maam, very nice! Indeed, you have captured those moments perfectly. Thank you very much and more power!

  2. Thank you very much!!! ang galing! :D

  3. You're welcome. Liza and Anonymous.

  4. its noce to know that theres a running enthusiast everywhere!!

  5. thank u so much for d free coverage of our run,d pictures are so beautiful,its ur gift tlaga..tnx for sharing ur gft!
    = Lottie U.

  6. wow very nice experience, keep running mam

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