Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When I go to Cebu, I noticed for about three times now, that the Air Philippines flight using the small propeller plane scheduled at 10 a.m. boards earlier than the 9:45 a.m. Cebu Pacific flight also on the small plane.

Aside from that, the Air Phil plane is faster and thus, has a short travel time...

Well, this is good for the passengers... airlines are now getting more competitive and hopefully the carriers improve their services.

The Air Phil flight schedule from Cebu to Singapore is also an ideal flight where the passenger is in Singapore by 11 a.m. No day lost! But most of all, the Air Phil flight lands in the main Changi Airport Terminal just like PAL and not in the Budget Terminal where Cebu Pacific lands. 

I guess Air Phil wants to improve their image...

Anyway, I heard afternoon flights still get delayed, though..

As of now, it is more automatic for me to check out the Cebu Pacific site for special discounts...but I do check out if Air Phil also have good deals!


  1. these days doc mas mura magsale ang airphil kesa cebupac... and its not as difficult to book sa airphil compared to cebupac during sale... yun nga lang grounded pa rin ako... :-( hehehe

  2. Hello, Charmie...yup, I am also checking it out more often now...tempting us to travel more!!!

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