Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CAMIGUIN 2: Lagoon Restaurant

From the pier, our first stop in Camiguin was breakfast at a lagoon restaurant called J & A Fishpen.
We were greeted by a canopy of vines and we entered into a wooden and bamboo place, of course, with a fishpen!
Though, it was drizzling a bit, that couldn't stop me from the photo opportunities before eating!
Initially, it was just me and the little raindrops!
then everyone also went to the fishpen!

 The fish were in the fishpen...so you could really get it fresh!

Well, it is time to eat! But I guess, we got the all time breakfast favorites...

initially, we were really wondering how to open the water faucet!!! really a puzzle among the stones... 

even if we had the freshest fish...it is still beef tapa for breakfast!
Simple but nice place...

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