Tuesday, August 2, 2011


An elderly driver drove the taxi to the airport, and he said “You must be a doctor.” I wondered why he would say that. So, of course, I asked him why. And he said that my complexion seems to have no contact with the sun! (wa gyud nabuwad sa init)
What a compliment, but actually, I didn’t know what to make of it.
I guess he just wanted to chat and whine about life!  He said that it is so unfortunate to be poor. I asked him if he was lazy in his studies or was a wayward student. But he was not.  He just didn’t do well in school because he wasn’t so bright and also because he was always hungry and he couldn’t think well. He seemed resigned that that was his fate and even if he was old, he had to continue working hard. He also asked what was the farthest place I went to and I told him the USA and the UK. All the more, he felt bad, I think.
I told him that people have lots of reasons for happiness and he must have blessings in other forms. And he said, he had none... mmmm, I couldn’t  completely believe it , though, because he was laughing at some of his own experiences.
For myself, I realized all the more how much blessings I have. Thank you, Lord!!!

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