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This is what I gathered from Wikipedia on El Salvador and its landmark, the Divine Mercy Shrine
From Wikipedia: "El Salvador is located in the Province of Misamis Oriental in Northern Mindanao (Region X). It is bordered by the Municipality of Alubijid to the west, Opol to the east and Manticao and Naawanto the south. On the north, lies Macajalar Bay in the Bohol Sea."
"El Salvador city can be reached in an hour via plane from Manila to Cagayan de Oro, then about 15 minutes bus ride west. Like any other place the national highway snakes through it. Visitors and Locals can go around the city by just hailing a "sikad-sikad" or motorboat, "jeepneys" or motorcycles to the far-flung barangays."
"Divine Mercy Shrine, located in the Divine Mercy Hills, PSB-Ulaliman which is overlooking Macajalar Bay. The shrine has a 50-foot statue of the Divine Mercy Christ. It serves as a pilgrimage site for the Divine Mercy devotees. As a pilgrimage and sacred site, visitors are not allowed to wear shorts and other revealing clothing. Those who do so will be forced to cover themselves with a blue cloth provided by the shrine administrators."

The Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental is about 9 to 12 hours from Zamboanga City by private SUVs and depending on how fast the driver goes. 

That was a really long ride, but when we arrived in the Shrine, I had a very holy feeling and overwhelmed by the massive size of Jesus and the beauty of the gardens. 

As we start our visit, we offer our candles and our prayers...

the Divine Mercy Hills is an Archdiocesan Shrine declared on September 8, 2008

those wearing shorts had to use a skirt-like cover...
the 50-foot statue of Jesus Christ with the read and white rays from his heart  is awesome
you could walk up to the Heart of Jesus...
aside from the huge statue of Jesus and the rays from his heart,
the gardens are also very impressive, beautiful and well trimmed...
the Divine Mercy Shrine is high up in a Hill and
so we can also appreciate the view of the sea, which is my background here.

As we left the Shrine, I felt that the rest of our trip will really be blessed and considering that the whole road trip from Zamboanga to CDO to Bukidnon to Camiguin and back to ZC was really safe, peaceful, exciting and enjoyable, I know that we were indeed blessed!

Thank you, Lord!


the gates as we enter and leave the Divine Mercy Shrine

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