Monday, August 15, 2011


Bukidnon (English pronunciation: /buːˈkɪdnɒn/Cebuano: Probinsiya sa Bukidnon; Filipino:Lalawigan ng Bukidnon) is a landlocked province of the Philippines located in theNorthern Mindanao region. Its capital is Malaybalay City. The province borders, clockwise starting from the north, Misamis OrientalAgusan del SurDavao del Norte,CotabatoLanao del Sur, and Lanao del Norte.
Bukidnon is considered by Filipinos to be the food basket of Mindanao. It is the major producer of rice and corn in the region. Plantations in the province also producepineapplesbananas and sugarcane.
There are no seaports in the province, although there is an airport in Malaybalay City. The airport is currently closed. To get to Bukidnon, one must travel by land from Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental Province.

From Dahilayan, we were on our way back to CDO. We were already so amazed at the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation which never seemed to end. 
captured while on the run...

Del Monte Pineapple Plantation in Manolo Fortich is said to be one of the biggest pineapple plantations in the world. The plantation was incorporated in 1926 and is one of the oldest and largest agro-industrial firms in the country. Of course, it is known worldwide for its export of pineapples and pineapple products!

During this trip, we felt adventurous so even if we missed some turns, we got excited that we found a new route. We found three roads to and from Dahilayan!

We also wanted to see the Del Monte Clubhouse, so we had a short stop there....No, not for a hearty steak because it was snack time when we passed the place.

We also decided to take a detour and pass by the Camp Phillips. Some of the interns from Cebu Doctors' had a chance for a rotation in Camp Phillips and so we wanted to see the place and the hospital, too. This is also one of the other roads to Dahilayan.

We enjoyed our day trip to Bukidnon and I couldn't imagine we did a whole lot in such a short time!

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