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Have you heard of Aguila Blanco in Zamboanga City?

Well, we did visit Kumander Aguila in 2006.

I wanted to find something in Google which I can share so that you may appreciate the photos more, but I only found one from Matanglawin in ABS-CBN.
The story was in line with the present issues on flooding especially at the Second Anniversary of Typhoon Ondoy.’s-ark
excerpts from: Matanglawin: Secrets of Noah's Ark

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It was said in the bible that God flooded the Earth with 40 days of non-stop rain and only the chosen ones who were on Noah’s Ark were able to start anew. But can a flooded world and a big ship really be true?
When you think of rain, you think of floods and when you think of floods, none can be more memorable than that of 2009’s Ondoy… unless you count the Great Flood during Noah’s time.
It’s said in the Bible that water- estimated to be 3 kilometers deep, or the height of nine Eiffel Towers- covered the entire world for a year after God let it rain for 40 days straight.
Only a family of eight- Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives- were saved from this disaster because they made a great ark made of gopher, which can be pine, cypress or cedar waterproofed with sap from trees.......The small black spot encased in ice at the tip of Mt. Ararat in Turkey has spiked so much controversy since some believe that this is the legendary Noah’s Ark.
But if the thought of seeing a large boat intrigues you, you don’t need to look far because in Zamboanga, a man called Kumander Agila or Aguila Blanco, has already made a huge boat out of coconut lumber because he believed that the great flood would be repeated in 2000. Whether it was a disappointment or not that the flood did not come, Blanco has made the ark his home. Pretty convenient, eh?
And with what’s happening now with our weather going awry, his idea does seem like a good bet… doesn’t it?

Since I don't have any researched data on the Aguila Blanco, I'll just share some photos with you. 
Accordingly, he made an ark to save him and his family from a great flood and that he also had some special powers versus weapons. 
But, I really didn't interview him at the time I met him so I can't share anything more.

We traveled quite far to the mountains of La Paz, some 25 kilometers from Dreamville, near the junction in Barangay Ayala.
La Paz, Zamboanga CityPhilippines
1,740 hectares in Land area.
La Paz is the little Baguio of Zamboanga City. Temperature can go down close to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring your jacket. To get to La Paz from the main highway, you go through the barrio of Ayala.
La Paz was once a forested area. Now pretty much logged-over, the barangay is now more revered as a vacation place. A place where you can build your vacation home on top or on the side a hill overlooking a fantastic view of the sea.

Location of La Paz, Zamboanga City

  • Distance from CITY PROPER: 18.5 kms. - to the farthest point of the road is km. 31, which marks the city's boundary with Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte.
  • Location: West Coast
At the longest point, from the boundary of Barangay Ayala on the south to the boundary of Zamboanga del Norte on the north, it stretches to an estimated length of more than 36 kilometers.
The Barangay has no regular mode of public transportation in going to and from the city. It can be reached through the boundary of Barangay Ayala (where all modes of transportation are available) and from there, a single motorcycle locally called "habal-habal" ferry the passengers into the interior highland sitios of the Barangay.
La Paz starts with relatively soft rolling terrain, becoming more rugged as one enters the interior, with a gradient ranging from moderately steep to very steep slopes. The lowest elevation in the southern portion is about 600 meters above sea level, while on the northern part, near the boundary with Zamboanga del Norte, elevation ranges from 1,000-1,500 meters above sea level-all exhibiting very steep slope, with some areas almost vertically aligned.
The kids slept along the way...

Then, we found the place!
We were welcomed by Kumander Aguila and his family to his home, the Ark.
Notice their clothing... it can be quite cold in this elevation!

Here is the ark!

The ark is weathered by time and the elements and now, it is rundown...

And the kids look at us, some new faces visiting them.

Do you notice the writings in the wall?
These writings are said to protect them from bullets and the like...

They were indeed very gracious and in fact, they toured us to Nancy Falls, a few kilometers away!
And they rode with us in our Land Cruiser 60 to the place.

As we leave their home...till we meet again...

It was a very unique experience for us and one I would never forget.

Off we go to Nancy Falls in the next blog.

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