Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I brought my son to school today.
Ateneo de Zamboanga Unversity  

Again, my eyes saw Zamboanga City in a different light and I want to share this with you.

This is Zamboanga City at 8 to 9 a.m. from Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School Campus in Tumaga to Lunzuran to Putik and Guiwan through the Maria Clara Lobregat Highway, back to Camins then to Nuñez Extension and ending in the backgate of Ateneo de Zamboanga University Main Campus.

This is an ordinary day in the Zamboanga City Streets...
Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School Campus is in Tumaga.
Tumaga is about 4.32 Km. Northwest of city proper. Tumaga is surrounded by the following barangays: Sta. Maria is to the West, Pasonanca is to the North/West, Luyahan is to the North, Lunzuran is to the North/East, Putik is to the East, Guiwan is to the South/East and Tetuan to the South.

From Ateneo, I decided to take the longer way back to the City via Lunzuran.

There are now more subdivisions near AdZU Tumaga like San Ignacio by Filinvest and Woodland by Landco as well as Forest Lake Memorial Park also along this road.
This is one of the fences of the subdivisions and in the background is Mount Pulong Bato and Murok.


  • Land Area: 743 hectares
  • (2007 Census)
    • Total Population: 8, 009
    • Number of Household: 917
The barangay of Lunzuran borders Tumaga to the southwest and Putik to the South. Lunzuran is about 1.2 kilometers from the main highway. Lunzuran is more of a savannah hilly terrain. The city water district lines did reach the barrio of lunzuran.
In 2006 the barangay of Lunzuran constructed a brand new building to house the Barangay hall. Slowly but surely the barangay of lunzuran is growing.

Location of Lunzuran, Zamboanga City

Distance from CITY PROPER: 7.30 Km. Location: within the 7-km. radius of the city, East Coast

I am now in the junction of Lunzuran, where I came from; going to Tumaga on my right and Putik, straight ahead.
This is a new Nissan showroom building.

Now, I am in Putik, at the Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Highway (MCLLH) but on my way back to the Pueblo, which we call the main part of the City.
From Wikipedia: Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Highway (commonly known as MCLL Highway )- is a 2 to 4-lane national highway running in the east coast part ofZamboanga CityPhilippines from the intersection of Sta. Cruz to Barangay Licomo north of the city bordering the province of Zamboanga Sibugay. UnderRepublic Act No. 9270 approved on March 19, 2004 the highway was named after the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat[1] The highway is also part of the Pan-Philippine Highway which is part of the Asian Highway Network designated as AH26. Zamboanga City is the terminus of this highway.

St. Anthony de Padua Parish in Putik
While on the road, I got this picture of the St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Putik.

From Wikipedia: Putik is one of the developing barangays in Zamboanga City. Situated at six kilometers east of the city proper. The name "putik" is ironic to the bustling economic situation of the barangay. It has one of the most number of subdivisions and a number of public and private offices. It serves as a residential, commercial and agricultural area.
Yubengco Star Mall is the first mall in Zamboanga located outside of the city proper (pueblo), attracting residents of Puitk and its nearby barrios to shop. There is now an overpass in front of Putik Central School, a priority project of Rep. Erbie Fabian of Zamboanga City. There are wet markets in many strategic locations selling fresh marine and sea products at normally low prices, making the fact that people from other barangays come to Putik to do their marketing.
Distance from CITY PROPER: 4.65 Km. Location: East Coast

I am still in Putik and straight ahead is the Yubengco Star Mall.

Yubengco Star Mall ... of course, with a Jollibee store.
This is what Putik is known for, the Aderes Flea Market, where we get our fresh fish, prawns and even, the curacha. There are also lots of lechon stalls in the area, open even at 8 a.m.
However, since the market is in the boundary of Putik and Guiwan, the market is often referred to commonly as Guiwan Market
Aderes Flea Market is also a landmark of Zamboanga City and often visited by guests from other places to buy seafoods that Zamboanga is known for like the curacha.
from Wikipedia: Curacha also known as spanner crab or red frog crab is a local Chavacano name given to a sea crab species found in Zamboanga. It is uniquely found in the deep-waters of Zamboanga and nowhere else in the world. It is a highbred crustacean, with crossbreed characteristics of a large sea crab and a big spiny lobster. It is a large crab with a red color, which stays the same in color even when cooked. The crab is usually steamed or boiled so its flavor is preserved.Unlike most crabs whose majority of meat can be found in their claws, the mother-load of the curacha's meat is found in its body. [1]

Aderes Flea Market

Activities within the Aderes Flea Market
We are now in Guiwan.

Guiwan is about 178 Hectares in land area.
Guiwan is fast becoming an extension of the city. The national hwy passes through Guiwan giving it the exposure to most of the other barangays located on the N/E side of Zamboanga. People don't have to travel far to buy fish and produce. Guiwan boasts of a fully stocked fish market and produce market.
The bus terminal to other points in Zamboanga del Sur is in guiwan. There is a plan however, to move this terminal to the barangay of Divisoria.They even have a used car dealership. There are over 50 cars in stock at any given time.
Transportation to the city is still by Jeepneys, taxi, and tri-cycle. As of 2009 Seven pesos will take you to town. By tri-cycle will cost you about 20 to 25 pesos depending on the tri-cycle driver.

Location of Guiwan, Zamboanga City

This barangay is located about 3.4 Km from downtown.

History of Guiwan, Zamboanga City

Between Tetuan and Putik lies Guiwan Barangay from the city proper about 4.2 kms. This barrio got its name from the story which goes this way….
When the princess married a common man they eloped in this far away land where the princess gave birth to a son IWAN. But the couple moved farter way lest the angry king finds them there.
The king’s brother wrapped the throne and cruel soldier sought her far land wide till there was no more place to hide. They found the Princess GUIA and her son IWAN and threw them both to the river. She pleaded to the god of the river to take their lives but leave something behond. Then the princess and her son sunk deep, deep beyond...wailing, wailing, Guia-Iwan, Guia-Iwan. The god of the river granted her wish, the mother and son were turned into a land.
Natives who witnessed the change called the place GUIWAN, as a tribute to Guia and Iwan.
article: from the LGU of Guiwan
This is the Ciudad de Zamboanga Bus Terminal located in Guiwan.
The Ciudad de Zamboanga Bus Terminal

This is part of the Maria Clara Lorenzo Lorenzo Lobregat Highway at the junction of Guiwan, going straight to Sta. Cruz through Tetuan Highway (part of MCLLH) and also to my left to Tetuan and to the right to Tumaga.

Maria Clara Lobregat Highway intersection to Tumaga and Tetuan
The bridge looks quaint because half of the bridge was the original bridge  and the seond half of the bridge was added when the road was widened.

The Coca Cola Bottling Plant is in Tetuan Highway.

  • Land Area: 315 hectares
  • Per 2007 Census:
    • Total Population: 29, 055
    • Number of Household: 5,705
      • The Philippine census is not accurate: Several small houses in squatter areas are not accounted for. The population of Tetuan is closer to 35,000 people.
  • Location of Tetuan, Zamboanga City

    • Bordered by Santa Maria and Camino Nuevo on the West Side by Vetarans Ave that runs north and south.
    • Bordered by Guiwan and Tugbungan on the South side by way of the Tumaga River.
    • Bordered by Talon-Talon to the East
    • Bordered by Sta. Catalina and Kasanyangan to the South
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant
As I approach the intersection of the Tetuan Highway (part of MCLLH) straight to Gov. Camins Street and perpendicular to Veterans Avenue, we have the Sta. Cruz Public Market in the area. The construction seen is part of the market developments.
But, this is also a common sight in this intersection.

From the intersection, we pass by Sta. Cruz Market and Bagsakan Center in Gov. Camins Road.
Sta. Cruz Intersection

Gov. Camins Road
This is still in Gov. Camins Road passing the supermarts on my left and the Centro Pastoral on my right.
We continued on to the Sta. Maria intersection, where we see Jollibee on my left and the Lions Club lion statue  on my right.

Sta. Maria and Gov. Camins intersection
Mmm... I entered Jollibee drive through first... to my surprise, the parking was really full... everyone had breakfast in Jollibee?!?
Then, I went back to Nuñez Extension, a new road but a road which I often pass by.
There are now many institutions cropping up in Nuñez Extension.
On my right, where there is a beige fence, they say Robinson will put up a mall there. Let's wait and see.
Nuñez Extension

This is where Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is located.
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga

Beside Ciudad Medical Zamboanga are two pharmacies, Oro Wonder Drug and Joan's Pharmacy. 
In Zamboanga, most big pharmacies usually cluster in areas near hospitals. 

We are now on our way to Nuñez Street.

Governor Alvarez and Nuñez intersection
This is the intersection of Nuñez Extension, Nuñez Street and Governor Alvarez Street.

Zone III, Zamboanga CityPhilippines
Zone III is 26 hectares wide.
Zone III is an integral part of down town Zamboanga City. The barangay office is located on Tomas Claudio Street. It's a small barangay but fully developed and creates a lot of business for the town.
The boundaries are as follows:
East; Veterans Ave. ** West; La Purisima Street. *** North; Gov. Alvarez. ** South; Gov. Lim Ave.
This is the end of our trip... at the backgate of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Main Campus.
We can still appreciate the acacia trees in AdZU which my hubby said was still small when he was in High School!
Street sweeper in Nuñez Street

Back gate of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Main Campus in Nuñez Street

This is Zamboanga City during ordinary days... still a city... but still with a provincial touch... a little (as in very little! - - only during rush hours) bit of traffic... but still can go to our destinations in less than an hour!

I  Zamboanga City!!!


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