Sunday, September 11, 2011


Lantaka Hotel by the Sea is one of the oldest hotels in Zamboanga City but remains as one of the landmarks of Zamboanga City because it has maintained its historical ambience and distinct local charm.

It is located in the Petit Barracks area at N. S. Valderoza St.Zamboanga, MindanaoPhilippines.
It is centrally located where you can walk to the City Hall, Plaza Pershing, Fort Pilar, Zamboanga Museum and the Paseo Del Mar (which was not yet there in 2005).

From Lantaka Hotel, you can see the Great and Little Sta. Cruz Islands, known for the pink sand  and its terminal is very accessible from the Hotel.
Basilan Island is also viewed from the hotel, especially, on a clear day and even at night, the lights from Basilan can be appreciated.

Here are pictures of the aerial view of LANTAKA HOTEL BY THE SEA circa 2005 by my Sony Cybershot DSC P-73, my first digital camera, which was a 4.1 megapixel compact digital camera with 3x optical zoom. 
Although, it was a point-and-shoot digital camera, I was quite happy with its results. Even happier than what the present compact digital cameras give us now.
the vacant lot on our right is the
present location of Paseo Del Mar

 view from N.S. Valderoza Street...                           
the island ahead is the Great (Big) Sta. Cruz Island

we can see the pool from this view 
there are now changes in the seafront area and
renovations in the buildings...

love looking at the little bancas and pumpboats...
no vintas this time!

There are now lots of developments in Lantaka Hotel by the Sea the past few years with plenty of renovations and upgrades.
It is a place worth visiting... and staying in... when in Zamboanga City.

By the way, here is the contact number: (63)(62)991-2033.

Mmmm...would be nice to take aerial photos of Lantaka Hotel by the Sea again!!!


  1. i been there for 2 days and its a nice hotel, the food also was superb.

  2. Yeah!Sad lang from our Dipolog Trip last Summer, we arrived early(Zambo) and the first impulse was for me to get a room sa La Vina (not the same trip where I passed by Ciudad and you just left for Malaysia Dra, where we sort of 'disturbed' Doc George and he kindly helped us). It was fully booked then finally went to Lantaka coz' I also know this Hotel (where Ma'am Isa, Dr. Reyes (DOH then) stayed before we set off to our factfinding trip to Ipil(Disater Preparedness Project) and Medical Mission to Pagadian)under Pahinungod Program. Lantaka H. unfortunately was also fully booked so we had to content ourselves with a hotel walking distance from Gateway for our final last day in Zambo to meet and interview Dr. Aris Tan, Director of CHD for our LGU Score Card Evaln Project(with Dr. Lawas as our Project Leader)

  3. malaki na improvement ng Lantaka and also the shoreline going to the airport ba un

  4. yes, there are lots of changes in Zamboanga from the time we had our classes... hope we see each other here again!

  5. im searching for the list hotel in zamboanga and i found lantaka hotel until i reach your page. can you please help me get their email address? i would like to inquire for this hotel.

    thank you..

    email me at