Friday, September 30, 2011


What was most interesting in our trip to Nancy Falls, some 26 kilometers away from Dreamville, at the junction of Ayala, Zamboanga City was that Kumander Aguila of Aguila Blanco himself brought us there.

We didn't really have an intention of going there, but George R. said why not visit Kumander Aguila now that we are here in the Ecozone area.

The very hospitable Kumander Aguila was very gracious in showing us another interesting sight in his place aside of course, from his home which had the shape of an Ark.

We weren't really geared up for getting wet in the falls or trekking of any kind. 
I know we were just having a joyride to the Ecozone while touring Des J. from Canada, then, at the spur of the moment to proceed to La Paz.

Here are shots taken of the Lower Part of Nancy Falls in 2006.
At that time, I wasn't also geared for a Photoshoot, so I only brought my Sony Cybershot DSC-P73, which was quite an old reliable.
Finally, we arrived at Nancy Falls.
They told us that there was also the Upper part of the Falls.
From a La Paz brochure, it is said that the visible part (in the photos we have) is only the first level, not as half appealing as the second and third level that needs to be rappelled for a few more meters.

Tourists Attractions of La Paz, Zamboanga City

Last December 12, 2010, we went to Nancy falls which is about 26 kms from Dreamville near the junction in barangay Ayala.The waterfalls (lower and upper part) are nice, clean and icy cold water. It is accessible by a 4 wheel off road vehicle or a motorcycle "habal-habal.It costs us 250 roundtrip per person but it was worth it.But the quality of the road needs to be improved, a steep, muddy, bumpy road that is but I suggest the local government must put enough effort in providing safe and accessible road to that place. It is a safe area and it is highly recommended that you should visit the place.

These are our tour guides.

The kids had fun exploring the place and they were also entertained by the many colorful dragonflies as well as some butterflies and interesting plants.

The experience was indeed very interesting!

And, maybe, not everyone is given a chance to be entertained by Kumander Aguila of Aguila Blanco!
I also wonder how Kumander Aguila and his family as well as the Aguila Blanco are these days.

I do hope the way to Nancy Falls may be developed...
It would be wonderful for places such as the Nancy Falls and other natural beauty spots to be developed as part of adventure or ecotours, always keeping in mind preservation of the environment inspite of the developments. 


  1. nice little find there doc! i super like Kumander Aguila's house! hope i can shoot it din! hehehehe hope i can go back to my explore mode na din soon!!! :D hihihi

  2. Thanks, Charm... and thanks for inviting me to blog! I am enjoying it!

  3. wow Kumander Agila is still alive! I had a chance of checking his non healing wound before while i used to be the Medical Officer for Ayala district...did he add more wife?? I was able to tour his noah ark

  4. Yes, he is still alive. That was the reason for his check-up before.
    You really remember the wives!
    Unique experience, Lene, di ba?

  5. Hi! This blog is cool! I am a native of La Paz and a proud one to have come from there. But, unfortuntely, I heard of Nancy Falls just lately. But i have seen Kumander Agila a lot times before when I was quite little. I hope I can visit Nancy Falls when I come home this March! Viva La Paz! Gracias, Pinay R.!

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