Sunday, September 18, 2011


It is Christmas in Zamboanga and this time, my friend, Nora came home for Christmas.
It has been sometime since Nora came home from the US, so we decided to have a reunion with her family and my staff.
We thought the Christmas-sy place for the family would definitely be PASEO DEL MAR.

Here are images of Paseo Del Mar in the Christmas of 2010... at night!
the Christmas Star atop the Giant Christmas Tree!
Pascua na Zamboanga!

we ate first at Mano-Mano for chicken barbecue...everyone's request!
then, we walked around the park...
It was a nice, breezy December night and so we strolled in the park after a yummy meal.
the original group!!!
and how we have multiplied!
We were so happy to see each other again!
And... we loved the centerpiece of the Paseo, the giant Christmas tree!
the Paseo Del Mar Christmas Tree!
now, there are now lots of kids with us!!!

We bought some lighted toys for the kids...
I think all the kids request for this! 
the happy faces of the kids ... we were happy they also enjoyed the night out with us!                                                    
The kids saw the ice cream stall... and bought some popsicles!...
with our popsies... and with the Paseo light in our background!
Then, they saw the ice scramble stall... and also requested for this!
the name of the Ice Scramble store is Brain Freezers!
with Mommy Nora for the ice scramble treat... 

We sat by the seaside and just relaxed... while we ate our scrambles. The adults were also included!
The main street in the background...

The background lights are from the Zamboanga Port and from Lantaka Hotel

my original staff as we sat in one of the comfortable steel benches...

at the entrance/exit is the BELEN
The night was almost done and on our way out, we had our photos at the entrance/exit where we saw "Belen", the nativity scene, the center of Filipino Christmas!

ALL OF US... with the Belen, the arches and the colored lamps at the Paseo Del Mar, Christmas 2010

Well, before we ended our night, we also passed by the almost century-old Zamboanga City Hall, which was very well-lighted and another Christmas attraction in Zamboanga City!

Yippeeee! We really had a happy, happy night!
These images will forever stay in our heart... and we were so happy to spend that night at the Paseo Del Mar, where there was something for everyone in the family!

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