Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today, we started our Island Hopping and our face to face encounter with Coron's real beauty.

I was actually prepared for my Coron trip because my friend Vince C. suggested to me to get the Dicapac waterproof case which will protect my Nikon DSLR from the splashes and the dips and the salts!

Our first two stops were Twin Lagoon and the Malwawoy Beach.

The first stop we had is the TWIN LAGOON.
from Coron website:
Twin Lagoon - The water and towering rocks are great photos for poster. On low tide, experience kayaking under the hole of the rock.
It is amazing to see the massive limestone towers as we were going to the Twin Lagoon, with varied architecture.
The Twin Lagoon is nestled among the limestone towers. 

And we arrive at the Twin Lagoon!

And of course, everyone wanted to take a dip... just to feel the clean waters...for snorkeling!!!

I initially was wondering if I would join them, but I couldn't resist the waters!!!

This was really a first for me after many, many years... may be my last happy jump in the water was about 7 years ago.

We moved on to a less known white beach with a smaller white sand beach front but was chosen because it was also less congested.
I initially read it as Malwaway Beach, and only to find out it is actually Malwawoy Beach.
We stopped at Malwawoy Beach for lunch and so while the boatman, who also happened to be the cook was preparing our lunch we started off to our swimming and snorkeling again.

Of course, everyone jumped and snorkeled and went to the deeper part of the sea.
We weren't worried because we each had our life vests (mandatory!) and also snorkels for everyone!

Even from outside, the waters were really pristine and you can see the fish from outside.

My mom initially just wanted to stay in the boat, but eventually, she also couldn't resist it and she also took a dip!

Then, I was getting the hang of it. 
I decided to also bring my camera with the Dicapac down to the water and take pictures of the corals and fishes.

Lucky, the camera was very safe in the Dicapac... up to the end!

Then, we were called to eat!!!
I love where we ate... with ambience!
Our feet were in the waters...

And of course, I loved what we ate...
The fish we ate were very fresh... so our grilled fish varieties were very yummy!!!

What a beautiful place!!!

Our next stop was the cleanest Kayangan Lake!
And that will be in the next blog...


  1. wow,its a wonderful place 2 go. i hav never bin der....how i wish,i can also hav d chance 2 be der...njoy.... Alain R.

  2. Just beautiful, I'll have to go there when I go back to the Philippines. ~~~ Jocelyn Bel.