Sunday, November 20, 2011


Another beach that we visited during our Island Hopping in Coron was the CYC (Coron Youth Club) Beach, the public beach in Coron.

We were on our way to Coron Youth Club (CYC) Beach but it was still a bit rainy and our boat ride was a bit exciting because there was supposed to be a typhoon in nearby Busuanga. 
In fact, flights weren't able to go through the day before.

But, the weather improved.
we passed by a yatch

We are now in CYC Beach.
Aside from the shallow and clean white sand beach, there were also mangroves seen in the island, which add an interesting twist to the landscape.

mangroves abound in the island...
makes the view more captivating

We did a bit of snorkeling, but mostly we saw corals and some little fishes.
The water is still crystal clear and you could see your feet in the water. 
getting the habit of snorkeling

the others preferred to stay on the boat

this is on our boat and at the back was the boat
of the divers where Joko was

We saw some corals but mostly, it was just white sand.

That day, Joko did not go with us during the boat ride and Island hopping.

I let him join the Discovery Dive where they learn the basics of diving right here in CYC Beach.
They started off earlier in the morning.
He was still 12 years old at that time, but because his frame matches that of an adult, he was allowed to do the dive.
Another kid, a bit younger than him but with a smaller frame wasn't allowed to do the Discovery Dive.
Discovery Dive isn't a formal Dive training, but they learn the basics right at the beach, then go directly for a dive about 30 feet deep.
They were trained by a Swedish diver.
Here they are in the boat relaxing after their dive.

Joko was with foreigners, one from Sweden (teacher) and two from China (also on a discovery dive) and I think, there was one more European.
We only saw them from afar because they were on a separate boat.

taking their lunch in the boat

He was a bit shy because he was the only kid there.

.I was happy that he made the Discovery Dive... not everyone gets the chance at an early age.
He also met new friends.

It was a great day for Joko and also for us !!! 

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