Saturday, November 19, 2011


Whenever we are in Paradise, there always is a natural hot spring to visit.

Here in Coron, we visited the Maquinit Hot Springs which is also spelled as Makinit Hot Springs.
Whatever the spelling, it is Ma-init, as in Hot!

The boatman has to time the visit because I think they have a problem if it is low tide.
here we are crossing the planks again...
it is a balancing act everytime.

View of the Maquinit Hot Springs from the boat

As we enter Maquinit Hot Springs, we walk through this wooden stilted path.
And note the mangrove roots which add character to the place.
I remember as I was entering Maquinit, one of the tourists really stared at my Dicapac camera case and asked me where I got it.

They made a multi-level pool to keep the hot spring waters.

This is the back portion of the grotto.
.I went to a higher level near the grotto to get a better view of the Maquinit Hot Springs.

The hot springs water is very relaxing.
Of course, it was very hot as we entered the pool, maybe about 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.
But, eventually, once you get used to the heat, you'll revel in the dip.

This is the back part of the grotto.

This is also another must-see place in Coron.
We now have a view of the grotto.

Again, we again see the stilt roots of the mangrove depicting a picturesque natural panorama.
Nice and relaxing place to visit! 

And we are again on our way...

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