Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur, we proceeded that night to Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur.

We stayed at Pagadian Bay Plaza Hotel which indeed gave us a beautiful view of the bay.
Located at Datoc St Corner Cabrera St Gatas District, Pagadian City Philippines. The Bay Plaza Hotel in Pagadian is affordable with quality accommodation offering harbor and city views in perfect proximity to the capitals vibrant city center and superb leisure activities to experience and explore.

The mid-sized hotel was recommended by a colleague and I was happy we stayed there.

We entered into the hotel lobby quite late in the evening.

the lobby in the morning
Then, we moved to our room. We were quite tired after a very long trip from Zamboanga City to Aurora (which is farther than Pagadian from ZC) and back to Pagadian City.

The aisle was a bit narrow, but the rooms were quite big and comfortable.

We had a real good night sleep!

This is the bathroom.

I woke up early because I wanted to see the view of the Pagadian Bay.

The hotel was located up in the hill plus we were in the fifth floor so we got the perfect panorama of the Pagadian Bay.

Here is Pagadian Bay at 5 to 6 a.m.

The Pagadian Bay was a bit foggy and it had a breath-taking feel.

Inner part of Pagadian Bay, the Big Dao-dao island (Dao-dao Dako) on the center and the smaller Dao-dao Gamay Island on the right foreground.

the colorful castle-like City Agora

Did you know that I felt the San Francisco, California air when I first went to Pagadian City?
It happened to be a cool and foggy day with the rolling landscape of their streets that made me feel I was in the streets of San Francisco.
My friend from Pagadian was "surprised" that I thought so!

The second time I passed Pagadian City, it was really sunny, and I didn't it was San Francisco anymore!
The character of the houses, buildings and architecture became clearer on a sunny day.

Here is Pagadian Bay at 7 to 8 a.m.
This is the view just outside the window.
Best Emporium

road to Southern Mindanao Colleges

Butterbun, also seen in Zamboanga City

Southern Mindanao Colleges = College of Engineering

view of the Best Emporium and neighboring buildings

view of the Pagadian Bay and the mountain

On the horizon, this is what we see.

Dome of a mosque in Sta. Lucia District, with a minaret beside it 

Inner part of Pagadian Bay,
 the smaller Dao-dao Gamay Island in the center.

Can you tell me what kind of boat this is?
The balancer ("katig") appears to be radial...

I was reveling in the view and I couldn't put down my camera!

Eventually, everyone woke up and so we had our breakfast down at the cafe.

Although, it was just an overnight stay, I really liked the hotel!

Soon, we were about to leave and one thing in Pagadian City really caught my eye. 
Of course, the unique Pagadian tricycle!

Its unique tilt makes us wonder...
They say it is built to be able to be positioned well when going up the steep and hilly roads of Pagadian City, as I said "the Streets of San Francisco".

I really haven't gone around Pagadian City but it is good to know that the City is also quite progressive already.


  1. Wow, thank you for including Pagadian. The two Dao-dao Islands have imprinted poignant memories of our childhood days...
    ~~ Alice G.

  2. thanks for sharing day! It' so nice to see my hometown:)
    Daghan na bag-o Pagadian. Now they have the dancing fountain right across the city hall, the city mall(owned by the city) and gaisano pud....

  3. Mi, I saw in the TV news that Pagadian City has a very beautiful dancing fountain!!!

  4. nice kaayo imo photos of our city
    ~~~~ II.F.C.