Thursday, November 24, 2011


We had a surprise night visit to Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur last July 2010.

Where is Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur?

Aurora is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Zamboanga del SurPhilippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 42,820 people in 8,329 households. It is the easternmost municipality in Zamboanga del Sur, bounded by the Province of Lanao del Norte on its eastern side. The town was named after President Manuel Quezon's wife, Aurora Quezon.
In 1948, a portion of Aurora was separated to form the town of Molave.[1

And here are more data that I gathered from the Aurora, ZDS website.
Aurora is classified as a third-class municipality of Zamboanga del Sur. It was discovered sometime in 1927 by sixteen Cebuano pioneers, although it wasn’t officially created until the 22nd of August, 1942, under Executive Order No. 353. The town got its name from the first lady of the late President Manuel L. Quezon, Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon.

Since the town was established during wartime, there is little information about the first set of officials that ran the municipality after its inception. Whatever information was on hand, however, point to an American mestizo by the name of Col. Luis Morgan as the one who established the first government of Aurora. This government was semi-military in nature and Col. Morgan appointed Anselmo Romanillos as the mayor.
After the war, in 1946, President Manuel L. Quezon appointed Alejandro Ceniza as the municipal mayor until he officially ran for the position and won on January 1948. He was succeeded by Guillerme Ontal, who held the office until 1959, when Ceniza ran again and won. His running mate, Jose Lim Tecson, had to take over the position when Ceniza unexpectedly died in 1962. Ceniza’s younger brother, Antolin, decided to pick up where his brother left off and ran for candidacy in 1962, which the young doctor won. Both Tecson and Ceniza would meet numerous times in the political arena until a new face in the person of Enrique Cabahug emerged in 1988. He would later be re-elected multiple times until the present.
The municipality is reputed to be the number one producer of professionals in the province; it is said that it is rare when a family does not have at least one professional in it. With 8,329 households as of the 2000 census, this is a big claim indeed. When it comes to natural attractions, Aurora boasts of the Aurora Mountain Resort, located in Anonang, one of the municipaliy’s 44 barangays. The resort has two swimming pool amenities that are perfect for family outings and it affords anyone a good view of the place.

We went to Aurora to fetch one of the nursing students who had his internship there.
But most of all, to surprise him because it was his birthday!

It was really a special trip because it takes about 8 hours from Zamboanga City before we reach Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur.

So when we arrived at about 7 p.m., all we could see in Aurora were the houses.
That was fine because it was enough for me to be impressed that it was a progressive town after all.

It was quite funny that when we were told to look for a two-storey house with a veranda, I thought that it was an easy task.
But, I found out that most of the houses in Aurora, ZDS were  two-storey with a veranda!
Maybe, that was because it is said Aurora is the number one producer of professionals in the Province... isn't this an interesting fact!!!

Anyway, here are some scenes of the surprise birthday!
The surprise party was complete with a lechon (a sign of a real celebration in the Philippines!) and a nice birthday cake!!!
We had to balance our acts while carrying the cake all the way from ZC to ZDS!
Luckily, the cake was still intact when we arrived in Aurora.

It is eating time!!!
Since we arrived at a bit passed 8 p.m., including the time looking for the house, most of the kids already ate dinner.
The group picture, of course, is always part of the fun!

And, of course, the real fun comes with unexpected "kulitan"!

The hospital where the kids had their internship (is that what they call it?) is close to the house.
Lights from the Aurora General Hospital near the house, across the park

One of the very interesting places that took my attention is little park in Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur, across the house where the kids were staying.

It was dark but I can see a well manicured park with interesting "stone animals". A nice place for family fun.

I have to see Aurora, ZDS in the daytime. I don't think I can do that again soon.
But, I was glad to see a glimpse of the place even at night.

We left for Pagadian City that same night where we stayed for the night.


  1. thanks you for the nice post doki....

  2. It is so sad that hospital is gone :( I just got back to America from visiting there about a month ago. The park is still very beautiful though.

  3. Oh! That is so sad to here... many of the student nurses benefited from their exposure there. I am sure that hospital will be back in action. I am sure it is needed there. Or maybe, they have a better hospital put up?

  4. Thanks for creating this blog about my hometown.

    1. You are welcome... your place is very beautiful. I wish I could visit Aurora again so I can tell a more updated story about your place!